September 2, 2009

Buff is Bunny’s hubby of 20 years. Buff has also fought the weight battle his entire life. After years of being obese and diabetic, Buff turned his mind in another direction one day several years ago, and committed himself to the Adkins diet and the gym. He is now an aerobics instructor, rides a racing bike, spends 2-4 hours in the gym every day, and burns God knows how many calories in spin classes. He still eats huge portions, but he burns it.

That just makes Bunny tired. He gets up when it’s still dark to hit the gym. She’s not a morning person. She’s too sleepy and creaky to work out in the morning, and she’s too tired to do it after work.

Commitment, did you say? She needs commitment?

We’re working on it.

2 Responses to “Buff”

  1. […] it was too much trouble to cook something different for herself than for low-carb/no seasoning Buff. There’s no way she’s going to eat what he eats (plain burger patties, Campbell’s […]

  2. […] have been down this path before. Bunny cruises quite a lot. Sometimes she and Buff go together, and sometimes–like this time–she leaves Buff at home and goes gallivanting […]

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