No Thanks, That Flies in the Face of My Weight-Loss Effort

September 6, 2009

Bunny has been saying “no, thanks” to a lot of things she would have grabbed before she began this journey:Fly

Muffins. Oh, how Bunny loves muffins. Especially after a healthy breakfast shake.

Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Caesar Salad. Pre-packaged, yummy, for sale at your local Gelson’s. (Calories: 870, Fat: 66g, Carbs: 25g, Protein: 45g.) Bunny walked right past it and headed for the salad bar, where she assembled a lovely collection of fresh veggies. Good Bunny!

Starbucks. Bunny used to go with a Grande Chai Nonfat Latte with one Spenda. And 2 cookies. Today: Grande Nonfat Cappuccino, one Splenda, and definitely no cookies.

Deli DoRight. At the deli, Bunny passed on the bagel and bagel chips.

Football game snacks: She forewent—(oh, that can’t be the correct past tense of forego. BRB . . . Well, what do you know? According to, it sure is. Moving on. . .) 
Bunny forewent the standard chips, ice cream and popcorn, and brought some nice green grapes to snack on. On which to snack. For snacking. She ate green grapes!

Zero Coke? Bunny is choosing water instead of Coke Zero. (Diet Coke is SO last-season!)

3 Responses to “No Thanks, That Flies in the Face of My Weight-Loss Effort”

  1. Mike Says:

    What a lovely article! Probably the best weight loss article I have ever read! I totally agree with everything written and think that more people should read this. :]

  2. […] fresh points-friendly salad bar and headed straight for Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Caesar Salad. We’ve discussed that before. This is a sign that Bunny has lost her focus. She knows that the salad bar is a better choice. […]

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