Watch Out, Weight Watchers, Here Comes Bunny!

November 2, 2009

Today is Weight Watchers Day!

Bunny is actually quite excited!

She’s going to sign (back) up after work today. She’s a WW Lifetime Member, returning again for the third or fourth time.

It works if you stick with it.

IF you stick with it.

Well, she’s going to do it this time!

Bunny is quite sick and tired of being bigger than the average bunny. The flight home from her recent vacation really drove it home for her.

She didn’t like being squished into the airline seat.

airplane seat

She was annoyed at not being able to find the plug for her headphones on the side panel of the armrest without standing up because her leg blocked the controls.

She was quite disturbed when the beverage cart and everyone who walked down the aisle of the plane smacked into her arm.

Is it HER fault her arm sticks out into the aisle?


Her ankles were swollen after the 7-hour flight, and her knees and legs still weren’t happy the next day.

Bunny is, to put it bluntly, sick of feeling like a fat old lady. She’s ready to hit this weight-loss thing full-blast!

It’s about time!

Today, she made a special effort to eat well. She brought her yogurt and cheese sticks and a not-too-huge apple. She brought a WW SmartOne to have for lunch. After she picks up her WW information, she’s going straight to the market to shop for a bunch of healthy food.

Then the boss invited her out to lunch.

Oh, boy.  When the boss says lunch, she doesn’t mean Taco Bell.

Truffled chicken with mushroom risotto . . . (only) one piece of crusty French bread (yes, with butter) . . . no dessert, thank you, and regular iced tea instead of that nice frou-frou pomegranate lemonade.


How many Weight Watchers points is that?

Oh, well, she hasn’t signed up yet!

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