Round One!

November 4, 2009

Bunny meets Weight Watchers. Round One. DING!

Bunny made her first visit to Weight Watchers in quite a while.

Walking in the door was the hard part. She had a really good potential excuse when she missed the freeway exit, but we made her go back.

It’s always hard, and kind of embarrassing to go back in and sign up. It means you’ve gained weight. It means you’ve lost your way. It means you failed.

Bunny always expects them to look at her and gasp, “Oh, my God you’ve gained so much weight?! How could you?! You look like an ELEPHANT!!”

But they never do, and they didn’t this time. They were nice and supportive.  (Except the lady at the front desk, who was kind of bitchy because she clearly thought she could close up shortly, and here comes another customer.)

She went in, and stated her intent to re-up. They found her file. They took her credit card. They gave her a little book. As a Lifetime Member, she doesn’t have to pay registration. Yay.

The leader actually remembered Bunny as soon as she walked in. Bunny struggled to remember if this nice lady was her leader when she actually did lose all the weight and got her Lifetime Membership pin, or if her meetings were on one of Bunny’s failed attempts, and if she was the successful one, what must she think of Bunny now?

Bunny felt like a failure, but they told her, and they’re right, that she stopped being a failure the second she walked in that door. She is taking a positive step, and that horrible number, whatever it is, will stop being so horrible soon.

About that number… the weigh-in was next. (Cue spooky music, and toss in a sound-effect of feet running and a lingering whimper.)scales 

It went OK, but she didn’t like what she saw. Remember those 5 lbs. she lost a few weeks ago? She found them on the high seas.

She missed the meeting (which we don’t recommend, and neither do they), but the new Momentum Program isn’t all that much different from the old plans, so it didn’t take long for Bunny to get the hang of what needed to be done.

So, armed with her little book, her points calculator, her tracker, a Monthly Pass (4 weeks prepaid at a discount and an eTools subscription) and 32 points a day, Bunny’s first goal is to lose 13 lbs.

She’s on it!

5 Responses to “Round One!”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Good luck on WW…I’m not going to the meetings, but am doing it on my own! You can totally do the 13 pounds 🙂

    • bmarisol Says:

      Bunny tried to do WW online on her own, but she cheats. 🙂 She needs to get weighed every week. Good luck to you too!

  2. annod44 Says:

    sorry to hear the five pounds came back. I figured it was flu weight loss but didnt want to say anything. good luck with WW

  3. Hey, found your site by accident doing a search on Ask but I will definitely be returning. As for your post… I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here but wouldn’t it be just as easy to focus on the postive? I mean why mess with your quality of life if you don’t have to?

    • bmarisol Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! Good point. We greatly prefer positivity (there’s enough negativity everywhere) but we want to document everything that’s running through Bunny’s mind as she struggles with this, and some of it isn’t so positive. Pointing at it somehow helps us drag her on in spite of herself. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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