Did She or Didn’t She?

November 8, 2009

Bunny’s first week on Weight Watchers is coming to a close, and she’s a little worried.  She doesn’t feel as though she has lost any weight.

Of course, we won’t know until her weigh-in tomorrow, but she doesn’t see any signs of anything shrinking, and it’s kind of getting her down.

Without boring you to death with the details of her food diary, let’s look at Bunny’s challenges this week.

She joined on Monday night, so Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty controllable. Bunny did go out to lunch twice on those days, but she made the best choices she could, and wrote everything down.

Friday night, she and Buff went out to dinner, and from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, they were out of town visiting a friend. One out-to-dinner, one fast-food dinner, one lunch at a frou-frou salad bar.

All the while, Bunny made her best attempt to calculate the correct number of Weight Watchers points for everything. She stayed within her daily points, and didn’t come close to using up that weekly buffer thing Weight Watchers allows you. What’s it called?

Bunny, toss us your iPhone, would you?

OK. Weight Watchers Mobile, a very handy little iPhone app (more on that in another post), says that Bunny’s Weekly Remaining Points Values = 30. She started with 35. Those are points over and above her daily allotment. She only used 5. Pretty good, right?

Of course, it’s possible that her calculations were way off, but her efforts at calculating seemed quite reasonable. But sometimes you run into quandries:

A Burger King TenderGrill sandwich is 11.5 points, but Bunny didn’t eat the top of the bun, or the mayo. And she added tomatoes. She guessed that should count as 8.5 points.

She had a tri-tip salad with gorgonzola crumbles and a dressing that involved tomatoes and mint. The restaurant is so sorry, but they don’t share recipes and they don’t provide nutritional information. But thanks for coming!Chef Would you like another basket of you-don’t-want-to-know-how-many-points garlic rolls?

Bunny had a glass of wine at a nice restaurant, and another in a plastic cup at a theater. The former looked like 6 or 7 ounces, the latter maybe 3.  She could have asked the bartenders how many ounces they were, but, well, she didn’t. Bunny is just not good at asking those kinds of questions. So she guessed. Weight Watchers says wine is 2 points. She counted both as 5.

Bunny carefully chose a little this and a little that from a high-end salad bar one day for lunch. She selected 2 asparagus spears (there was dressing), 4 or 5 cute little pillow ravioli things, some strawberries, a small scoop of some tasty brown-rice-something-or-other, a couple of ounces of skinless chicken that was cooked in something that looked benign, a few spinach leaves and tomatoes, and a sourdough roll with butter. Pretty good choices, but again, only the chef knows what’s really in it, and they don’t like to share. She guessed and counted the whole mess as 12 points, including the roll (which she ate, even though as she was eating it she was thinking that she didn’t really want it).

And how many points do you suppose are in 8 piddly little pretzels in the little bag they give you on an airplane with your coffee? We went for one point.

This point-counting thing is hardly an exact science, unless you make everything yourself at home, and weigh everything. That’s not real life. The trick is learning how to come close to the right amounts, make intelligent estimations, and not put a bag over your head and pretend that a big slice of apple pie a la mode counts the same as an apple, or that half a bottle of salad dressing counts as one serving.

We think Bunny has been realistic this week, but maybe she just ate out too many times.

Or maybe she lost weight.

We hope so. Next week isn’t looking any better.

We’ll see.

3 Responses to “Did She or Didn’t She?”

  1. Hope the weigh in goes well!

    I always wondered how WW people figure out points, sounds like it’s not an exact science.

    • bmarisol Says:

      Thanks! Counting points when you’re eating out is very subjective. You can talk yourself into really ridiculous numbers if you’re the creative type. 🙂

  2. […] 9, 2009 Bunny was worried that she hadn’t lost any weight on her first week at Weight […]

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