Facing the Music Again

December 7, 2009

Bunny went to Weight Watchers tonight.

She learned about Girard’s Light Champagne Salad Dressing (very points-friendly and apparently yummy). She listened to stories about wonderful small successes from people with positive attitudes.

Then there was the woman who took up 10 minutes of meeting time complaining that the diet gives her a splitting headache, insisting that she doesn’t have time to eat or to prepare meals, and shooting down every suggestion the Leader and other members offered. Just what a support group needs–a bucket of cold water.

As usual, Bunny was worried about the weigh-in.

Between this and that, she hadn’t been to a meeting in three weeks. This and that keep Bunny very busy. But we caught her, and pushed her through the door.

This period of time included Thanksgiving, a couple of all-day tailgating parties, two holiday parties and a bunch of restaurant meals. She was prepared for the dark news that she had moved the wrong way.

The dreaded weight gain.

Bunny’s philosophy has always been that it’s better to avoid this nasty revelation by simply avoiding the scale.

That philosophy is the reason Bunny is in this fix.

Well, fortunately, Bunny was wrong again. We don’t know why she’s so unreliable, or why she can’t tell whether she has lost or gained, but we’ll take it.

5.2 pounds lost!

She’s very happy and excited. Her motivation has been renewed. What’s better than walking up to a scale you thought would not be your friend, only to find that you have lost weight?

So far, she has lost 12.4 pounds!!

Only .6 of a pound to her first goal!!!

So let’s raise a glass of Coke Zero to Bunny for a job well done!

She’s making progress.

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