Ducking the Fudge

December 19, 2009

The holiday season continues its assault on Bunny’s weight-loss efforts.

So far, she has managed to dodge the vast majority of cakes, cookies and candies that one encounters every 10 steps in an office at Christmastime.

Bunny supervises people, and she hires vendors. Consequently, she gets gifts. She can easily re-gift a sleigh full of Ghirardelli chocolate from a vendor, but it’s another thing when someone who works for you walks into your office and offers you a dozen cookies she baked just for you, and stands there anxiously waiting for you to eat one.

Bunny could say, oh, thank you so much, how kind of you, I’m sure they’re just wonderful, but I’m trying to lose weight, would you mind if I take a bite and then leave the rest for others to enjoy?

Nope, Bunny can’t do that. She has to eat one, gush about how yummy it is. What she does with the rest of the cookies after the kind lady leaves is the real challenge.

In addition to gifts, the parade of holiday parties continues (brie! dip! champagne!), along with dinner at relatives’ houses (duck! pate! tiramisu!), not to mention two Christmas Eve parties (wassail! fudge! eggnog!), Christmas dinner (creamed corn! baked brie! pumpkin cheesecake!), and a Sunday brunch to celebrate a visit from a favorite relative who has flown in from back east (eggs florentine! champagne!)

All things considered, Bunny is dodging a barage of delicious bullets, but it’s still a challenge. It’s just very difficult to lose weight during the holidays.

An internet search on the subject yields some suggestions for holiday season diet survival:

  • Come late and avoid cocktail hour. (OK, but not very social.)
  • Only attend parties you really want to attend (Bunny skipped Buff’s gym holiday party. Buff wasn’t thrilled, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and besides, it’s so boring listening to a bunch of skinny people talk about work-out machines and who plays what music in spin class).
  • Drink water. (At a cocktail party? Yeah, right. Diet Coke after one drink, maybe. No-alcohol Buff is driving.)
  • Eat fruit, not sweets. (OK, if they’re serving fruit. Bunny hasn’t been to a lot of holiday parties that serve fruit bowls. Winter fruits are just not too exciting.)
  • Don’t go to the party hungry. (OK, that’s doable.)
  • Avoid office treats. (This means, don’t go to the lunch room for coffee. Bunny runs on coffee before 10am. And she also goes there for lunch. And water. And aspirin. And ice. And when people have babies, she has to go in there to tape up a baby announcement. Forget it, there’s no way she can avoid the lunch room.)
  • Forgive yourself if you slip, and don’t give up. (This is good advice. Once you’ve washed down that piece of fudge with a swig of eggnog, there are two roads you can take: (1) what the heck, I’ve already blown it, let me go find a cheesecake, pig out for the rest of the year and start over in January; or (2) well, that wasn’t a great choice, but I’m going to start over right now, and try to make better choices from now on.)

If you, like Bunny, are struggling with holiday festivities, what do YOU do to keep from losing control?

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