Bunny’s First Yellow Star!

December 21, 2009

Bunny earned a yellow star tonight.

It’s a paper star, basically a Post-It note in the shape of a star.

It means that as of tonight’s weigh-in, Bunny has lost 5% of her starting body weight.

The nice lady at Weight Watchers wrote Bunny’s name on her yellow paper star, and the group leader posted it up on the meeting room board.

Thirteen pounds. Bunny’s cat weighs about that much. She finds it hard to believe she has lost an entire cat, because she really doesn’t see it, but on the other hand, she has noticed that her clothes are getting a little baggy.

She also has a one-pound start on the NEXT 5%!

Oh, yeah!!!

Let’s do it again!!!!

One Response to “Bunny’s First Yellow Star!”

  1. […] anxious to get two her next two goals, both of which are within 5 lbs. One is the Weight Watchers Yellow Star, which signifies a loss of 5% of her total body weight. She actually hit that one a few months ago, […]

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