The Fork in the Road

January 11, 2010

Look, Bunny. You’re at a crossroads here.

This is the point where your weight-loss effort has to veer one way or another.

Either it goes to the right, back toward control and success and health and happiness and cute clothes…

Or it goes to the left, toward fat lady clothes and huffing and puffing and achy muscles and general misery and sooner or later some nasty disease. Oh,and an undoubtedly shorter life.

That’s it. Take your pick.

The difference is a simple shift away from the things you’re doing now–

  • Eating foods that mostly aren’t so bad, but paying no attention to serving size or portions.
  • Not counting points.
  • Not cooking dinner because it’s easier to eat a frozen dinner, then skipping dinner because Lean Cuisines have gotten boring.
  • Not making the best choice when eating at restaurants because…well…we don’t know why. You don’t seem to be any happier with the bigger, less healthy meal than you were when you were making better choices.

In fact, you felt GREAT when you were making better choices. Remember?

A small, painless adjustment will make all the difference.

It’s easy. It’s hopeful. It’s positive.

It’ll make you happy. And healthy.

So what’s it going to be, Bunny?

We all want to know.

One Response to “The Fork in the Road”

  1. […] She knows that she can go over her point count and still be successful. That leads her to just kinda sorta figure that she’s within a reasonably safe range, and skip the entry. THAT eventually leads her to stop thinking about how many points she’s consuming. THAT leads us to where we were the day before yesterday. […]

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