Shop till you Pop!

January 23, 2010

When we started this blog, Bunny was firmly entrenched in a size 20.

Today, she went shopping for new jeans. Why? Because she had to keep pulling her old ones up!

She also needed new black pants for work. Why? Because her old ones were baggy!

Oh yeah!

In the process of trying on clothes, Bunny discovered that she is now a size 18. Mostly.

Let’s call it a Pretty-Much 18.

She bought a pair of pants for work that are a size 18. They fit nicely. They zip up. What they don’t do is button.

Now let’s face facts. Since Bunny always goes for long, baggy tops, no one will ever see that that button doesn’t fasten.

But we’re not going to let her get away with that.

That button has been established as a short-term weight-loss goal.

Buttoning that button without putting someone’s eye out or digging a livid red channel into her skin will symbolize Bunny’s official exit from the Terrible Twenties (size 20 and God-forbid up).

Back into the teens.

The teens is where 12 is.

12 is good.

Bunny likes 12.

Here, 12…come to Bunny.

Right now, we’re very happy with 18.

And Bunny’s so happy she put down her cookie.

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