Hopping Off the Beaten Path

February 6, 2010

Bunny has encountered another roadblock along the path of her weight-loss journey.

Bunny is going on vacation.

Specifically, a cruise.

In other words, a floating buffet table.

We have been down this path before. Bunny cruises quite a lot. Sometimes she and Buff go together, and sometimes–like this time–she leaves Buff at home and goes gallivanting around the high seas with her friend Lucy.

Even though she is still in thinking-about-getting-ready-to-go-on-vacation mode, and hasn’t yet even entered getting-ready-to-go-on-vacation mode, it has already affected her eating habits.

Well….I’m going to have to start over once I get back from vacation, because even though I’ll try to eat well while I’m on vacation, I can’t help but gain a little weight, so it’s kinda sorta pointless to keep track of all my points since it’s all going out the window when I’m on vacation, so maybe I’ll just not write it down…

and maybe I’ll just have fries with that burger…

and I had to buy that chocolate bar from my assistant’s son for his school drive, no harm in having just a bite or nine…

and isn’t it Girl Scout Cookies season…?

And so it begins.

Please be assured this is a temporary bump in the road, and we’ll get Bunny back on track as soon as her not-shrinking-at-the-moment buns get back home.

Let’s see how well she does.

2 Responses to “Hopping Off the Beaten Path”

  1. The Merry Says:

    Please go off the beaten path.
    I mean, it’s already beaten.
    It’s given up.
    You need to find a path that will challenge you 😉

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