Lucy in the Sky with Bunny

February 9, 2010

Lucy is Bunny’s friend and sometimes travel companion.

Lucy is a wonderful person. She’s lots of fun. She doesn’t have the weight challenges Bunny has, in case you were wondering since that’s the focus of this blog.

She is, however…

how shall we say it…




Since Buff’s staying home, Lucy is making the travel arrangements.

She has frequent flyer miles.

And a coupon.

She managed to obtain travel reservations at some very nice prices. Bunny thought that was great. Until she heard the details:

Bunny, we got a great deal, and we only have three stops as we’re flying most of the way across the country!


We only have to change planes once, though.

Change planes???

And the airport is only a four-hour drive from the hotel…It’s so much less expensive to fly into an airport that’s a little further away…

A little further? Four hours????

Well, it’s not exactly a hotel, but it’s clean…

What is it, a clean roach motel??????!!!!

But we only have to pick up our luggage from baggage claim and move it to the next plane once…

We have to WHAT??????!?!!??

And I have drink tickets left over from my last flight…


2 Responses to “Lucy in the Sky with Bunny”

  1. annod44 Says:

    oh bunny you lead such and exotic life…all this talk of planes and motels, my path only takes me to home depot these days….go! enjoy! spend those pennies lucy has saved you on exotic cocktails and skip the buffet table!

  2. […] didn’t go looking for cookies, and only ate them if Lucy brought them to the […]

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