The Results Show

February 22, 2010

Bunny had to go back to Weight Watchers for her post-vacation weigh-in tonight.

Despite her good efforts since her return home, she was not expecting the best. Nor were we.

She walked into the Weight Watchers center, checked in, and bravely approached the scale.

She put down her purse. Took off her shoes. Her sweater. Her glasses. Her watch. Her earrings.

She considered taking off her wedding ring, but she was afraid she couldn’t get it off. That would be just TOO depressing.

She stepped onto the scale. She considered trying to hold onto the edge of the desk, but figured they were probably onto that one.


(We’re going for Ryan Seacrest on American Idol here. Go with it, OK?)

The results are in….

(dramatic pause)

America voted…

(another dramatic pause)


(yes, another)

You are...

(we’re almost done)


Despite the chocolate PancakesWafflesBananaBreadMuffinsMartinisCookiesCake

Despite the steak, the lobster, the steak AND lobster…

Despite the dinner rolls, the cinnamon rolls, the fat rolls (no, that’s something else)…

Despite the passionberry duo, the apple pie, the a la mode, the pizza, the eggs benedict and God knows what else…

And despite various and sundry Potable Potentates (no, that’s not it…what’s that category they use on Jeopardy? … oh poo … hold on … google google google … AH!

Despite various and sundry Potent Potables…

Despite all that…

Bunny gained on her vacation…



Zero Point Eight.

Eight-tenths of a pound.

That’s ALL.



Bunny’s collateral damage on her vacation was PRACTICALLY NOTHING!

Less than a pound? ONE pound? LESS? Not even ONE pound?


She can get that back by next week!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “The Results Show”

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