Hop To It!

March 17, 2010

So Bunny is sick and tired and achy and whiny and doesn’t want to go to the gym.

Poor Bunny.


Oh, hell, no, Bunny, you’re not getting away with that! Going to the gym is a routine. You need to stick with it, even if you’re sick and tired and generally unmotivated.

I’m not unmotivated! I’m sick!

Stop whining, you’re not really sick. Some days are harder than others. You just need to do it!

It’s about commitment! Go even though your stomach is upset! Go even though your back hurts! Go even if you’re too tired!

Go! Go! Go!

Why? Why? Why?



Well, there are lots of good reasons.

Name 153.

How should we know? Do we look like fitness experts?

Fine. <google google google>

OK, here are some great reasons to go to the gym even if yoy don’t feel like it:

1. Sticking to the routine is important.

It’s just one day. I’ll go tomorrow…well, no I won’t, I have a doctor’s appointment, but I’ll go the next day.

You’re supposed to go every other day. You have to go the next day anyway.

See? What’s the difference? It’s just one time.

2. It’s easier to stay on the turnip truck than to climb back on once you have fallen off.

Turnip truck?

3. Exercise will make you feel less tired, not more.

Who sold you THAT line of bull?

4. Drink lots of water. That will help make you less tired.

I’m drinking water and I’m still tired.

5. You’ll be glad you went once you’re through.

That’s the first thing you’ve said that makes sense.

6. If you go today, you don’t have to go tomorrow.

I CAN’T go tomorrow, I have to go to the doctor. I’m gaining nothing here.

7. If you don’t go, you’re only cheating yourself.

Oh, puh-leeeeeze…..

Oh, Bunny, stop fighting it and JUST GO!!!

See how you feel!

Give it a chance!



One Response to “Hop To It!”

  1. bmarisol Says:

    This is Bunny. I’m at the gym, my back hurts, and I hate you!!!! Waaaahh….

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