Too Many Balls

April 5, 2010

Bunny needs to take a class in juggling.

At any given time, Bunny should have three balls in the air:


Ball number 1 is her life.

Everything she has to do. Home, work, Buff, parents, friends, cats, neighbors, errands, trash, laundry, paper clips, kitty litter, bank, groceries, vacation—all of it.

Let’s color that ball pink. Bunny’s signature color. Bunny’s life is pink.

Normally, fortunately, that ball is in the air. She’s good at juggling that one. Well, pretty good. Good enough.

(Of course there’s some laziness, a healthy dose of procrastination, occasional avoidance, forgetting, pretending to forget, ignoring, failing to pay attention, but generally… well, you get the idea.)

Ball number 2 is her diet.

What she eats. Everything she eats and drinks.

This includes her control over what she eats, including filling in her food diary every day and attending Weight Watchers meetings.

Thinking about what she eats.

Making intelligent, thoughtful decisions.

Let’s color this ball, optimistically, green, in honor of nice, leafy vegetables, cracklin’ green apples, artichokes, and all those lovely, nutritious green foods.

Currently, this ball is on the floor.

Under the bed.

Behind the cat toys.

And Buff’s left sock.

Covered with dust…bunnies.

Back to that in a minute.

Ball number 3 is the gym.

Bunny often kicks this ball under the bed, but right now, it’s out, and she actually has it in the air most of the time these days.

What color should the gym ball be?

Well, we Googled “what color is exercise,” and believe it or not, we found it.

Well, close. We found an article about what color you should paint your health club. According to

Yellow – Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness,
stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.”

Like a tennis ball. That sounds good. Bunny’s gym ball is yellow.

So let’s go back to the Green Ball for a minute. The food ball. The one that Bunny left on the floor and her cat has since pushed under the bed, along with her food diary and her Weight Watchers card.

While focusing on the gym and her physical therapy and her knee, Bunny has kinda sorta forgotten/ignored/rationalized/procrastinated herself into a situation where she hasn’t been to Weight Watchers in several weeks. Same for writing in her food diary.

And you know what?


When we pointed this out, Bunny protested that she has been at the gym the night of her Weight Watchers meeting.

This is true as far as it goes (Bunny’s really good at taking it just as far as she wants it to go and then stopping), but…

Weight Watchers has meetings on other days.

But the times aren’t right…

Pick another one.

But I like that leader…

It doesn’t matter who the leader is if you don’t go. Do you like gaining weight?

Oh, I don’t think I’m…

Have you weighed yourself?


We’re telling you, you’re going up, not down.

Do you want me to skip the gym?

You need to do both.

I can’t do everything! There’s only 24 hours in a…

What about the food diary?

Well, I’ve been busy with the Yellow Ball and the Pink Ball!

You need to get the Green Ball in the air too. You need to juggle all three.

How am I supposed to…


Your very nice readers are getting sick of seeing that months-old 11-pound weight loss.

Get it moving!!!

Don’t you want to button those stupid black pants?!

And let’s not even talk about the fact that Summer is coming!!

Anybody know a good juggler?

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