Mollie the Motivator

April 29, 2010

Remember that post we did on workout buddies?

To review, we stumbled over a site called We didn’t and don’t know anything about it, and have no idea if it’s a good website or a bad one, so we are in no way recommending it. Or not. In fact, we’re going to ignore it completely.

We did like the buddy idea, though.

So we asked around.

Maybe there’s a nice person who can go to the gym with Bunny.

You know, exert a little pressure. Nag her. Meet her at the gym so she won’t just drive by and forget to turn into the driveway.

Oh, look…I’m home. How did that happen? oh well…

We need a friendly but firm nag to get her in the door. And to keep her there.

We’re happy to introduce Bunny’s new gym buddy, Mollie!

Mollie and Bunny went to the gym today and worked through Bunny’s new routine.

The one she has been supposedly doing for two weeks, but she kinda sorta didn’t quite get there more than once.

Here are Mollie’s thoughts on how it went:

Hello! Bunny is a very nice person, but she’s a goober.

She gets in her own way when she’s at the gym. Her first instinct is, I don’t know how to use that machine or someone is using it right now, oh well,  let’s go home.

We found the right machine for her standing row, but she didn’t know how to adjust it. We located the machine for her leg press, but she didn’t understand the controls.

So you ask, right? Every machine is different. Someone will help you. Really.

She won’t do it. She won’t ask.

She wants to want to do it, but it’s hard for her. Yes, she has injuries and weight problems and it’s very easy for her to pull something or injure herself in some way, and yes, she need to be careful. But Bunny wants to turn being careful into going home, and that’s not going to happen on my watch.

I’m no trainer, but I’m a really good nag. I’ll get her there, and I’ll keep her there long enough to do some good.

At least I’ll give it a good try.


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