Rethinking Dinner

May 18, 2010

We’ve had a heart-to-heart with Bunny, and one of her frustrations is her inability to find something healthy and easy and at least moderately tasty to have for dinner.

Weeknight dinners are a problem for Bunny. She knows she’s supposed to eat it, and heaven knows she has a long history of habitual eating at night, but she can’t find a satisfying solution.

Not Bunny's thing. Nice slippers, though.

We’ve discussed her struggles with preparing even the simplest chicken dishes.

We’ve discussed that she makes dinner for Buff every night, and that she has no interest in eating the same ridiculous, tasteless dinner he eats.

So, she has to prepare something separate. After a hard day at work. Before cooking Buff’s, because he eats too late.

She’s just not interested.

But she feels that she has to eat dinner. She knows skipping meals is bad. Weight Watchers told her she needs to eat all those points.

What has happened is that she has slid off the track, and has resorted to Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones.

A good solution, right?

Not so much.

Bunny’s friend at work just had a heart attack, and they’re blaming processed foods. Too much salt. Too many preservatives.

Oh, fine. There’s something wrong with everything.

Goodbye, marginally tasty but friendly frozen processed dinners.

Eat whole, healthy foods, they say. What about the chicken she buys from the market. Doesn’t that have preserva-doodles and yucky stuff? And they spray insecti-whatevers on the veggies before they send them to supermarket, don’t they?

What do these people want?


Bunny wants to know why she can’t have an apple for dinner.

Seriously. An apple.

It’s easy, it’s healthy, it’s a whole food. No sodium. Yes, they spray pesti-whozits on it, but don’t you people start telling her an apple isn’t healthy. It’s even cheap. Buff would like that.

She’ll buy them at the farmers’ market when she and Mollie go for their Saturday walk, okay? They promise that their food isn’t sprayed with anything except pure, blessed, God-given raindrops.

Anybody have a problem with raindrops?

What else?

Protein, you say? She should have protein with every meal.

Well, she gets protein in her breakfast shake, and she always has some protein with lunch. She’s a Bunnypausal woman with an office job, not an Olympic gymnast, but fine, ok, she’ll have an apple AND a piece of string cheese.

What else?

Variety, you say? She shouldn’t have the same thing every night. She should eat different foods, to enhance her nutritional experience.

Her nutritional experience is a train wreck, just for the record. We need to get this girl on the weight loss train. The older she gets, the more nasty things are lurking in the bushes. We’re not sweating the details here. We’re trying to find something she will eat and be reasonably happy about that will help her lose weight.

But fine, variety. An apple one night, some berries the next. Maybe an orange.

Is that okay? Can we try that?

It would certainly be less frustrating for her, and Bunny doesn’t really need a big meal at night, or even a not-that-big meal at night. She doesn’t want it, she cooks it because she’s supposed to have dinner and it’s dinnertime. That can’t be good.

What was that?

Hunger, you say? Bunny will be hungry? Well, hunger isn’t usually Bunny’s problem, but remember that nice Dr. Pamela Peake’s article that said that if you don’t wake up hungry, you overate the night before?

So maybe she’ll have a piece of whole-grain bread if she’s hungry. If she’s falling into the throes of starvation, perhaps she’ll add a dab of natural peanut butter.

All this stuff is easy and healthy. But Bunny feels like there must be a catch. She’s supposed to have a “real” dinner.

But why?

You lose weight faster if you don’t eat late, right?

We know there are holes in this theory, but we’re going to try it and see what happens.

Whole foods for dinner. Healthy snack foods. Two, maybe three.

Doesn’t that make a meal?

It can’t do any harm, anyway. Can it?

Bunny’s actually excited. It’s like we’re relieving her of a difficult task.

You go, Bunny. Happy appling!

What’s Up, Doc?

May 13, 2010

Bunny is in doctor mode. It’s just that time of year.

As you know, she’s been seeing her orthopedist recently. The issues with her knee are improving. She and Mollie are doing the exercises given to her by  her physical therapist. They’re hard, at least for Bunny, but she’s chipping away at it.

It’s eye doctor time, too. This is problematic, only because of the recent and tragic passing of Bunny’s eye doctor. Very, very sad. So, she’s working on obtaining a new opthal-opto-whatsis.

This week, she went to the Ugh doctor. You know the one. The one who does that examination. You know the one.

Well, that examination came out “perfect” (Thank God!), and so did the one to identify problems in the little-pink-ribbon area. Now all she has to do is have the related annual X-ray. Another glorious procedure. What a joy to stand naked while a small woman pulls your personal body parts and shoves them into a machine in a decidedly uncomfortable and awkward position, smashes them between two metal plates (OW!) while you’re standing on your head, then yells “DON’T MOVE! DON’T BREATHE!” while she runs into her little cubby hole and snaps a photo, then comes back to inflict a new and different torturous position.

That’s next week.

Bunny has also scheduled an appointment with her REAL doctor. The one who hates carbs. The one who is going to yell at her about her weight. She tried to avoid it as long as she could, but it’s time. She has an issue to discuss that came up at the Ugh doctor.

Bunny is a quart low on Estrogen.

Yes, Bunny is officially in…

cue the music…


She knew it was coming. She has been in pre-Pause for a while, and she hasn’t had to buy any of those products lately. (You know the ones. The ones where if you use the right brand you can do gymnastics any day of the month. Yeah, those.)

But she was expecting hot flashes galore. Big, drippy, sheet-soaking, sweaty flashes. But she hasn’t flashed. She does get a little perspiry now and then, but what do you expect, it’s a little hot in here, isn’t it? YES IT IS, DAMMIT!

Bunny wants you to know she does NOT look like this.

Well, guess what?

The Ugh doctor explained that the reason Bunny isn’t a faucet is because extra Estrogen is being produced not by her regular Estrogen-producing parts, but by her fat cells. Something to do with the adrenal glands popping hormones into fat cells. The more fat cells, the more Estrogen. This, he went on to explain, is why some men have “man boobs.”

You’re making that up, aren’t you doc? Seriously?

So Bunny is not hot-flashing because she’s fat?

Who knew?

Anyway, after chatting with her REAL doctor (if she survives the yelling), Bunny will likely be taking hormones. The Ugh doctor explained that this will help with any flashing, will help her sleep better, and will make her joints less achy.

Oooooooooo…! That’s a big selling point for Bunny. She’s one big ache. That TV commercial has Bunny seriously wondering if she has fibromyalgia.

Of course, Bunny is easily swayed by this type of thing. The Regenix ad on the radio has her convinced her hair is falling out too fast. Not long ago, Sally Field had her convinced she had osteoporosis, but she doesn’t. Take that, Sally!

More later. Time for lunch. A cobb salad with a side of Estrogen, please!


Weekend Workout

May 2, 2010

Mollie here.

I just got back from a workout with Bunny.

She loved it!

Instead of our 20 minutes of cardio, we took a nice brisk walk to the local farmer’s market. We bought tomatoes and cucumbers and roses ($8 for a dozen with a fantastic scent!), then headed back. 13 minutes each way.

Once home, Bunny did her exercises in the backyard. We skipped the ones she needs machines for, but we did a good chunk of her workout.

Then, instead of her cardio cool-down, I sent her out to prune her rose bushes and dead-head the roses. Then she rolled the trash bins up from  the street.

Then we went shopping! Walking through 8 stores, trying on clothes and shoes and lugging a bunch of bags is a good enough cardio cool-down to satisfy me.

See? You don’t need a boring old gym. Not every time, anyway. We enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, greeted the neighbors, petted a dog, ran away from a lizard, and admired people’s gardens at a pace you miss as you’re driving by.

We had a great time!!!