Weekend Workout

May 2, 2010

Mollie here.

I just got back from a workout with Bunny.

She loved it!

Instead of our 20 minutes of cardio, we took a nice brisk walk to the local farmer’s market. We bought tomatoes and cucumbers and roses ($8 for a dozen with a fantastic scent!), then headed back. 13 minutes each way.

Once home, Bunny did her exercises in the backyard. We skipped the ones she needs machines for, but we did a good chunk of her workout.

Then, instead of her cardio cool-down, I sent her out to prune her rose bushes and dead-head the roses. Then she rolled the trash bins up from  the street.

Then we went shopping! Walking through 8 stores, trying on clothes and shoes and lugging a bunch of bags is a good enough cardio cool-down to satisfy me.

See? You don’t need a boring old gym. Not every time, anyway. We enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, greeted the neighbors, petted a dog, ran away from a lizard, and admired people’s gardens at a pace you miss as you’re driving by.

We had a great time!!!

2 Responses to “Weekend Workout”

  1. vexie Says:

    i AgreeCouldnt be more T)rue

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