Is That a Bunny or a Whale?

June 1, 2010

Hi. It’s been a while, we know. We’re sorry.

We’re having a little bit of a problem with Bunny. She’s had some motivation issues in the past few weeks.

Mollie has gotten her into the gym a couple of times, but not regularly. Bunny couldn’t do their Saturday walk to the farmers’ market due to previous engagements.

Food-wise, she’s off her feed–or rather, on it. She’s not focused. She’s going out for lunch with her friends at work pretty regularly, and that’s never good in terms of keeping her food intake and her Weight Watchers points under control.

She hasn’t been to Weight Watchers in, well…

But we really think she’s going to turn it around very shortly. In about 10 days.

Why, you ask?

Fat MermaidWell, Bunny and Buff spent the weekend with their friends. The ones they’re going with on a cruise to Hawaii this Fall for Buff’s big birthday.

So here’s the thing. Bunny and her girlfriend went swimsuit shopping this weekend. Her girlfriend is in about the same situation Bunny is in, shape-wise.

They scared each other.

After they both stopped screaming in terror at the sight of themselves and each other in swimsuits, they had a couple of glasses of wine and made a deal that they are both going to lose weight before that cruise.

Bunny’s friend wants to lose 40 pounds. We’re sure sure that number is feasible, but she’s extremely competitive, so you never know. We suggested they turn it into a contest to see who can lose more weight, and let us post the results on this blog. They’re game, so that’s the plan.

First we need a name for the project.

Hawaii 4-0?

Project Swimsuit?

Two Fat Old Ladies Dieting So They Won’t Be Mistaken For Whales?

Whale On ScaleNeeds work.

Now, those of you who have paid close attention may ask–why 10 days? Why not now?

Bunny’s birthday is coming up.

Bunny has lots of good friends who like to take her out to lunch and dinner for her birthday, and there’s normally cake at the office on her big day.

It’s also her best friend’s birthday a couple of days later. Same problem. Party, dinner, cake.

So we’ll start the contest the day after her best friend’s birthday.

Stay tuned.

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