Project Sailaway Begins!

June 14, 2010

Cruise ShipToday is Day One of Bunny’s weight-loss competition with her friend Trudy.

The girls and their hubbies will be off on a cruise to Hawaii later this year.  A traumatic swimsuit-shopping experience has Trudy resolved to skim off a few dozen pounds before the big event. Bunny thought that was a great idea and hopped on board, and they decided to make a game of it.

Only it’s not a game. It’s a serious competition. Trudy is extremely focused and ridiculously competitive, and she will never let Bunny hear the end of it if she wins.

Seriously. Never.

So it starts today.

Each participant was weighed today–Trudy at her doctor’s office, Bunny at a Weight Watchers meeting–to make it official. Bunny hasn’t been to a weigh-in for several weeks, but she only gained 8/10 of a pound, despite last week’s birthday festivities. Not too bad.

The girls live across the country from each other, so in order to keep them honest, a disinterested and reliable party was assigned to–well, to put it bluntly, check upon them and keep them from cheating. Bunny’s gym buddy Mollie and Trudy’s sister are the designated keepers of the trust.

We also took the girls’ measurements. Neither one will let us share their weight or measurements, at least not yet, but we have the numbers tucked away in a safe place, and will share how much hast been lost along the way.

And off we go!

7 Responses to “Project Sailaway Begins!”

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