Project Sailaway: Week One Report

June 21, 2010

Week One of Project Sailaway began at Weight Watchers. Bunny checked in, caught up, paid up, and sighed with relief at a less-than-one-pound gain after many weeks of losing focus.

Next, we measured her pertinent parts: hips, waist, boobal regions, arms and thighs. We tucked all those highly classified numbers in a safe place.

Bunny’s Project Sailaway opponent, Trudy, did the same, under the direction of her sister. Trudy will be using a scale at her sister’s home that is calibrated to match the scale in Trudy’s doctor’s office.

Gosh, this is so scientific!

Bunny’s Week One went well. She walked past chocolate cake two-and-one-quarter times. She kept to her Weight Watchers points each day, and for the week. She wrote down what she ate most of the time. She ate a cross-section of protein, healthy fats, fruits, veggies and dairy.

Actually, she ended up being a tad light on the veggies, and she drank some water but not enough, but we’ll work on that.

Shaking Cow

Not THAT kind of shake!

She had more protein than she anticipated, because as soon as she walked into the office with her cooler full of carrot sticks and yogurt and such, her friend convinced her that they should have protein shakes for lunch.

Yes, we hear you. This friend just signed up as an Herbalife representative, of COURSE he’s pushing protein shakes for lunch!

Hey. He’s not like that. He knows his stuff. He’s a former athlete and personal trainer, and he’s Bunny’s great friend who would never take advantage of her for mere money.

Yes, we’re sure.

That said, Bunny isn’t too thrilled with the Herbalife idea. Her aunt went into it once years ago with the intention of becoming extremely wealthy. We’re still waiting.

More to the point, when Bunny protested that a woman her age with a desk job probably didn’t need that much protein, her friend replied that when you cut your calorie intake drastically your body thinks it’s starving and it tries to defend its weight.

Great. Just what we need. Errol Flynn defending Bunny’s fat. We don’t have enough problems?

Blender Shake

That's better!

Protein, he explained, makes your body feel like it’s getting the nutrients it needs, and keeps it from resisting your weight-loss efforts.

So, protein it is. Some protein at every meal and every snack.

We’ll see how it’s working later today at the dreaded WEEK ONE WEIGH-IN!

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