Inside Bunny’s Head

June 26, 2010

Bunny Thinking HardWe eavesdropped a bit on what’s going on inside Bunny’s head.

Bunny’s excited because she can button the button on the black pants now without digging a deep channel into her skin. This is a change since last week. The pants are still a little snug in the buns, so she still has to wear The Sweater at work.

You know about The Sweater? The all-purpose sweater worn at work over any and all outfits. To go with anything, it must be black (Bunny’s too big for white). She wears The Sweater not because she’s cold (in fact, since she’s BunnyPausal, sometimes she’s sweating like a pig in The Sweater), but it’s long enough to cover her behind and shield the world from the sight of her bumpy hips and tummy, and consequently it makes her feel less self-conscious. So, many days it stays on unless she’s locked inside her office. It’s a security blanket in cardigan form.

Bunny would like to feel good enough about herself to get rid of The Sweater.

Bunny’s annoyed that she has several events this week that will require her to eat out. This takes her off her routine, and makes her guess at what’s the best food choice. Right now, she’d like to stick to her shakes and carrots and tomatoes and protein bars, not have to think about whether to eat this or that, and GET THE TRAIN ROLLING!!! She does NOT want to lose to Trudy again this week. (That girl sure can gloat.)

Bunny’s anxious to get two her next two goals, both of which are within 5 lbs. One is the Weight Watchers Yellow Star, which signifies a loss of 5% of her total body weight. She actually hit that one a few months ago, but drifted up a tad. She wants that back. Now. (Will they give her another Yellow Star, even though she already earned it? We’re thinking yes. They’re very nice and supportive at Weight Watchers.)

The other thing she has her eye on is a great big number. Of course we’re not allowed to disclose her actual weight, but she’s very close to reaching and dipping below a nice round number. She’s very excited about that, and is quite impatient about achieving that goal.

Finally, Bunny’s excited because her jeans are getting a little baggy.

Bunny’s buns are shrinking!!!

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