Week 3: Trudy Takes a Pass

July 9, 2010

Trudy (Bunny’s competitor in Project Sailaway) went to a wedding over the weekend.

She ate. She drank. She made merry.

Consequently, she’s trying to wiggle out of her Week 3 weigh-in.

Suck it up, Trudy. We know what you’re doing. Bunny could write a book on making up excuses to avoid getting weighed:

I don’t feel well. I need to pet my cat. I need to return a library book. I need to wash my hair. Do laundry. Clean pool. Read mail. Write blog post. Play Sims. Update Facebook. Go to gym. Run a marathon. Invent something. Help BP clean up the oil spill. Run for president.

So you gained a little weight from wedding cake and champagne. It’ll be gone by next week.

And it’s probably not enough for Bunny to take the lead anyway. And what if she does? It only matter who’s ahead at the finish line.

It does looks to us like our girl did lose weight this week. Those jeans are getting seriously saggy.

But OK, whatever, Trudy is taking a pass this week.

But next week, it’s back on the scale, for better or for worse.

For richer or for poorer.

For fatter or for skinnier.

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