To Bar or Not To Bar?

July 29, 2010

Protein bars are confusing.

There are as many kinds of protein bars as cereal.

There are protein bars for bodybuilders. There are protein bars that are made by the same people who make Count Chocula. Are these really the same?

Doesn’t seem likely.

Is a protein bar the same as an energy bar? Does a protein bar give you energy? Does an energy bar give you protein?

How much protein does a bar have to have before it’s a protein bar?

How about a cereal bar…what’s that? Granola bar? And power bars? Or is that a brand name?

High protein low fat high energy low carb high fiber…


We’re so confused.

OK, let’s take this one step at a time.

Luna LemonZestBunny is partial to Luna bars. Let’s give them a little, plug shall we? Check out their website here. They are called Whole Nutrition Bars for Women.

Bunny’s a woman. So far, so good.

Luna LemonZest has calcium, folic acid, vitamin D and iron. 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber. The ingredient contains the words “soy” and “organic” in many places. This sounds good, right?

But is it?

What about all those other bars on the shelf at the supermarket? Are they better? Are they worse?

Bunny doesn’t want to eat a protein bar that’s made for a bodybuilder. What if she sprouts pecs? That’s ALL she needs.

Buff BunnyOK, let’s do some research.

Wikipedia defines Energy Bars thusly: “Energy bars are supplemental bars containing cereals and other high energy foods targeted at people that require quick energy but do not have time for a meal. They are different from energy drinks, which containe [oopsie! a typo! how embarrassing for Wikipedia] caffeine, whereas bars provide calories or joules. These bars have varying names in different locations, including cereal bar, oat bar, snack bar, granola bar and muesli bar.”

OK, got it. Now let’s see how Wikipedia defines Protein Bars:

Blank Paper

No entry.


They’re not on the Wiki. Maybe they don’t exist?

OK, let’s try Google. A Google search shows lots of websites trying to sell various bars. We know they’re not going to be impartial.

The other top sites on the Google search are men’s bodybuilding sites. As we’ve discussed, this makes Bunny nervous. She’s pretty sure she should never eat anything that would be consumed by a bodybuilder. She and a bodybuilder are not even the same species.

So, we’re back to Luna. Bunny is actually quite partial to this line of products. LemonZest, S’Mores, and Peanut Butter Cookie all tickle Bunny’s taste buds, thank you very much.

But are they a good choice for a 50-ish overweight woman who is trying to be less so? Will they help her in her weight-loss effort? They say so, their website says so, but again, who can trust a product website? (No offense, Luna.)

We think so, and Bunny hopes so, but as is so often the case, she’s not sure.

Can anyone shed some light on this dilemma?

2 Responses to “To Bar or Not To Bar?”

  1. Donna Says:

    Humm dont think we have Luna in Canada (Im not an expert) but I think they could market those gooey things made from Rice Krispies, Marshmallows and butter as Cereal Bars. I think you would be better off snacking a cereal straight up (not Count Chocula) Kaishi (not sure if I spelled that right) has yummy choices. And they have Ziploc bags in “snack size” now (god bless their little marketing hearts for making me stuff one more box of bags into that drawer). You can put a couple of Ziploc bags in your desk drawer and they are there to snack on as easily as a KitKat….sorry we were talking about you not me….I do recommend the baggies thoughm without them you are tempted to eat out of the box and before you know it the box is empty 😦

    • bmarisol Says:

      ooo we like the ZipLoc bag idea! Kashi is good, as long as you add some berries or something to cut the Blah. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for reading!

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