Bunny’s Tender Tendon

August 27, 2010

CrutchesBunny did not go to the gym this week, but only because she hurt her paw.

Her right foot started to hurt while she was walking to lunch. It got progressively worse as the day progressed, until finally, when she was cooking Buff’s dinner, she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stand up anymore.

What was it?

A fracture?

A sprain?

A twist?


She slept with it elevated, and it was much better in the morning, until she started walking on it.

It took her a couple of days to get in to see her orthopedist, and it was getting better since she was resting it and wearing flat shoes.

She didn’t go to the gym because she didn’t want to aggravate it until she knew what it was. That seemed prudent.

Would she need crutches?

Perhaps one of those stylish boot thingies?

Would she be hobbling around for months?

What if she couldn’t drive? It’s her right paw…foot, for heaven’s sake!

The diagnosis is in, and she has tendonitis. And it’s getting much better already.

She will be at the gym right after the weekend.

These little things happen. Age and weight are not a good combination. They put pressure on your tendons and joints, and these little incidents occur.

What’s the solution?

Lose weight.

What a concept!


August 23, 2010

Buff has started bringing cookies in the house, and Bunny has started grabbing a handful here and there, a couple of times a day (or three).

Mindless eating.

Bunny has Weight Watchers set up on a monthly autopay, but can never get to the meetings because of her job. She used to be able to make it to the Center in time to at least weigh in and maybe catch the last five minutes of the meeting, but she hasn’t even been able to do that for a couple of months. She gets stuck late at work, and traffic is awful.

RaceIt doesn’t help that Weight Watchers, a huge, global corporation, still runs its Centers like a mom and pop organization. They’re open only around meeting time, shutting down very soon thereafter, and there are only a few meetings a week. And only one or two Bunny even has a chance of making.

She tried to do Weight Watcher online, but she needs the forced weigh-in to stay on track. This isn’t working, and at this point Bunny’s not even following the food plan. Especially since the cookies arrived.

So. Bye-bye Weight Watchers, see ya later.

Hello, weekly weigh-in at the gym. This is good. That means she has to go to the gym at least once a week, something she has also not been doing in the last couple of months.

Bunny also commits to following the Weight Watchers food plan, counting her points, renewing her efforts, and keeping a food diary.

So. Let’s review the commitments Bunny makes today:

  • Weekly weigh-in at the gym.
  • Keep food diary.
  • Follow Weight Watchers plan.
  • Refocus and renew effort.
  • No cookies.
  • Make Trudy jealous when she gets on board that ship later this year.

Let’s do it!!!

Driving home from the airport yesterday, Bunny had a McDonald’s Chocolate Shake Attack.

MilkshakeShe had to have one. That was all there was to it.

Strange. Bunny never goes to McDonald’s, and she has had approximately two of these (wonderfully thick and just plain chocolately awesome) shakes in the past 20 years. But there it was.

She knew she shouldn’t. Duh.

She also knew that as soon as she drove past a Mickey D’s (which at any point in America was likely to occur within any ten-minute period), she was going to pull in and order one.

She negotiated with herself. I’ll get a small. Just a small. She knew, though, that she was going for a large. Gigantic, if they had it.

Oh, boy. Why is this happening? It was a stressful day, but not that bad. Bunny has had many worse days than this.

And  yet, there was no denying that her lack of control was controlling her absolutely.

No McDonald’s, thank goodness, and now she was on the freeway. She tried to remember if there was one on her route. She promised herself she wouldn’t go actively looking for one. That was the deal she made with herself. She could do that much.

Half a mile from home, there it was.

She turned in. She pulled up to the drive-though speaker.

Hello! came the  mechanical greeting. Would you like  try our new Wild Berry Smoothie?

Why, yes, I would. A small, please.

Who said that?

So there you go. She went to McDonald’s with every intention of ordering the largest chocolate shake they would sell her —

1160 calories!

but she left with a small Wild Berry Smoothie

210 calories!


That was a MUCH better choice! A sign of, what, control? No, you can’t call this control. Mitigation of damages perhaps?

And you know what? It wasn’t bad, that Wild Berry Smoothie. And the chocolate shake craving was gone.

What happened? Why did she switch her order? She didn’t make a conscious decision. She was surprised to hear it come out of her mouth.

Why did the smoothie make her just as happy as the ChocoShake would have, and why did she even want it to start with?

If we knew the answers to those questions, Bunny would be a size four.


August 21, 2010

Bunny tweets @ShrinkingBunny. She’s not terribly consistent, but she’s there.

She follows people who have weight loss blogs that she likes and admires. There are lots of them.

These blogs are wonderful. Inspiring. Professional-looking.

Some even have their own domain name! That’s serious stuff.

There are many more wonderful blogs on these topics. Lots of people out there fighting the good fight, and doing a fantastic job inspiring others to keep slogging along the road to good health.

Bunny wants us to create a blogroll for the BunnyBlog. We are happy to do so. She is making a list.


We have another dilemma. WordPress has offered us the option of including a Tweet button on our blog posts.

For your easy tweeting pleasure. That sounds nice. We like those buttons on other people’s blogs.

Except, sad to say, no one has ever tweeted one of our posts.

We probably  shouldn’t admit that, but there it is.

Wouldn’t adding a Tweet button be pretentious? Would that be stating that we think we’re Tweetworthy?

Does the fact that no one tweets us mean that we’re NOT Tweetworthy?

That’s so sad.

Speak Up!OK, people, we need your help on two things here:

1. What wonderful weight-loss or fitness or like-that blog would you suggest we post on Bunny’s blogroll?

2. Should we add a Tweet button on our blog posts, or not so much?

We’d love to hear from you!

(But please don’t tell us we’re not Tweetworthy.)

The Carb-Hating Doctor

August 21, 2010

Bunny’s carb-hating doctor finally got her in for an annual physical.

It was not quite annual. She was several months late. Bunny practices Advanced Avoidance with regard to her doctor. She exercises her Excuse Muscle so hard that it looks like a weightlifter’s bicep.


Very simple. It’s because her doctor insists on

  • weighing her,
  • leering at her disapprovingly while staring at the too-large number that results from that weighing, and
  • lecturing her about the evil that will befall her if she doesn’t get off the stick and lose the weight.

We do not advocate hiding from your doctor, and neither does Bunny. But the fact is, she does it, she knows it, we know it, you know it, and the doctor definitely knows it.

Lady DoctorThis time, the doctor wasn’t mean to her.  She took another approach. She showed Bunny a photo she had in Bunny’s file of a time when Bunny was at her optimal weight. The doctor looked wistfully at the photo, shook her head sadly, and went on with her business.

Oh, that was low.

Bunny had had her blood pressure taken early in the exam, and it was just a teensy bit high. After the doctor left and didn’t yell at her, they took it again, and it was 100% absolutely perfecto.

The fear of the doctor yelling at her truly stresses her out.

So lose the weight, right? The doctor will be delighted to say,

Oh my goodness, Bunny, you’re doing wonderfully well,
and you look fantastic!

In fact, she’d be thrilled. She’s good that way. She wants to be encouraging.

It’s stressful for Bunny to let the doctor down. It makes Bunny feel sad, inadequate, old and fat.

So, why not just lose the weight? What’s the problem? She knows what to do, but the cold hard fact is that a substantive amount of weight has not fallen from Bunny’s Buns.

Let’s think about that.

Bye, Trudy!

August 7, 2010

Women fightingProject Sailaway is off.

Well, it’s not off forever. Bunny’s going to do it again at some point.


Trudy and Bunny and their hubbies are cruising together this fall. The girls both wanted to lose some weight before their vacation, so they engaged in a competition.

Not much weight was lost. Bunny lost inches and her clothes got looser, but not much poundage.

Trudy (the little witch) got off to a big start, took a commanding lead, gloated, went to a wedding and gained a few pounds, lost her motivation, and now refuses to weigh in at all.

She’s too busy.

Yeah. Right. We know what that means.

She doesn’t want to diet anymore, and she’s too competitive to just come out and admit it!

Bunny’s done with this. She gave Trudy what for. They argued. They made snide innuendos.

It wasn’t pretty.

So. We hereby suspend Project Sailaway until Bunny can find a suitable competitor. Probably for a different cruise.

Bye, Trudy! Thanks for nothing. Enjoy your size 20 while Bunny heads for 14.

We’ll show her.