Bye, Trudy!

August 7, 2010

Women fightingProject Sailaway is off.

Well, it’s not off forever. Bunny’s going to do it again at some point.


Trudy and Bunny and their hubbies are cruising together this fall. The girls both wanted to lose some weight before their vacation, so they engaged in a competition.

Not much weight was lost. Bunny lost inches and her clothes got looser, but not much poundage.

Trudy (the little witch) got off to a big start, took a commanding lead, gloated, went to a wedding and gained a few pounds, lost her motivation, and now refuses to weigh in at all.

She’s too busy.

Yeah. Right. We know what that means.

She doesn’t want to diet anymore, and she’s too competitive to just come out and admit it!

Bunny’s done with this. She gave Trudy what for. They argued. They made snide innuendos.

It wasn’t pretty.

So. We hereby suspend Project Sailaway until Bunny can find a suitable competitor. Probably for a different cruise.

Bye, Trudy! Thanks for nothing. Enjoy your size 20 while Bunny heads for 14.

We’ll show her.

4 Responses to “Bye, Trudy!”

  1. Dee Dieter Says:

    I love it…bye bye.

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