The Carb-Hating Doctor

August 21, 2010

Bunny’s carb-hating doctor finally got her in for an annual physical.

It was not quite annual. She was several months late. Bunny practices Advanced Avoidance with regard to her doctor. She exercises her Excuse Muscle so hard that it looks like a weightlifter’s bicep.


Very simple. It’s because her doctor insists on

  • weighing her,
  • leering at her disapprovingly while staring at the too-large number that results from that weighing, and
  • lecturing her about the evil that will befall her if she doesn’t get off the stick and lose the weight.

We do not advocate hiding from your doctor, and neither does Bunny. But the fact is, she does it, she knows it, we know it, you know it, and the doctor definitely knows it.

Lady DoctorThis time, the doctor wasn’t mean to her.  She took another approach. She showed Bunny a photo she had in Bunny’s file of a time when Bunny was at her optimal weight. The doctor looked wistfully at the photo, shook her head sadly, and went on with her business.

Oh, that was low.

Bunny had had her blood pressure taken early in the exam, and it was just a teensy bit high. After the doctor left and didn’t yell at her, they took it again, and it was 100% absolutely perfecto.

The fear of the doctor yelling at her truly stresses her out.

So lose the weight, right? The doctor will be delighted to say,

Oh my goodness, Bunny, you’re doing wonderfully well,
and you look fantastic!

In fact, she’d be thrilled. She’s good that way. She wants to be encouraging.

It’s stressful for Bunny to let the doctor down. It makes Bunny feel sad, inadequate, old and fat.

So, why not just lose the weight? What’s the problem? She knows what to do, but the cold hard fact is that a substantive amount of weight has not fallen from Bunny’s Buns.

Let’s think about that.

5 Responses to “The Carb-Hating Doctor”

  1. John Says:

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    • bmarisol Says:

      Thanks for the comment, and for reading. Encouragement is always welcome. If you’d like to link to our blog, that’s great! We’re going to read yours now. 🙂

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