August 21, 2010

Bunny tweets @ShrinkingBunny. She’s not terribly consistent, but she’s there.

She follows people who have weight loss blogs that she likes and admires. There are lots of them.

These blogs are wonderful. Inspiring. Professional-looking.

Some even have their own domain name! That’s serious stuff.

There are many more wonderful blogs on these topics. Lots of people out there fighting the good fight, and doing a fantastic job inspiring others to keep slogging along the road to good health.

Bunny wants us to create a blogroll for the BunnyBlog. We are happy to do so. She is making a list.


We have another dilemma. WordPress has offered us the option of including a Tweet button on our blog posts.

For your easy tweeting pleasure. That sounds nice. We like those buttons on other people’s blogs.

Except, sad to say, no one has ever tweeted one of our posts.

We probably  shouldn’t admit that, but there it is.

Wouldn’t adding a Tweet button be pretentious? Would that be stating that we think we’re Tweetworthy?

Does the fact that no one tweets us mean that we’re NOT Tweetworthy?

That’s so sad.

Speak Up!OK, people, we need your help on two things here:

1. What wonderful weight-loss or fitness or like-that blog would you suggest we post on Bunny’s blogroll?

2. Should we add a Tweet button on our blog posts, or not so much?

We’d love to hear from you!

(But please don’t tell us we’re not Tweetworthy.)

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