Bunny’s Tender Tendon

August 27, 2010

CrutchesBunny did not go to the gym this week, but only because she hurt her paw.

Her right foot started to hurt while she was walking to lunch. It got progressively worse as the day progressed, until finally, when she was cooking Buff’s dinner, she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stand up anymore.

What was it?

A fracture?

A sprain?

A twist?


She slept with it elevated, and it was much better in the morning, until she started walking on it.

It took her a couple of days to get in to see her orthopedist, and it was getting better since she was resting it and wearing flat shoes.

She didn’t go to the gym because she didn’t want to aggravate it until she knew what it was. That seemed prudent.

Would she need crutches?

Perhaps one of those stylish boot thingies?

Would she be hobbling around for months?

What if she couldn’t drive? It’s her right paw…foot, for heaven’s sake!

The diagnosis is in, and she has tendonitis. And it’s getting much better already.

She will be at the gym right after the weekend.

These little things happen. Age and weight are not a good combination. They put pressure on your tendons and joints, and these little incidents occur.

What’s the solution?

Lose weight.

What a concept!

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