There’s Nothing Worse Than a Sneaky Doctor

September 1, 2010

Bunny’s doctor used to berate her when she didn’t lose weight.Thinking

Now she has a new tactic.

Today, she tried asking ever so nicely and coercing Bunny to promise.

Please, Bunny, would you do me a favor? The next time you come to see me, would you promise that you will have lost just a little weight? Even three or five pounds would make me so happy.

Maybe it’s better to have a male doctor. Women are too sneaky, and light years better than men at manipulation.

At least if you’re going to have a woman doctor, it would be nice if she wasn’t quite so whip-smart. On second thought, having a doctor who’s a dummy would be a bad thing.

OK, Miss Smarty Pants Manipulating Physician. We’re on it.

The Bunster is at the gym right now doing battle with the elliptical.

She can’t break that promise.

One Response to “There’s Nothing Worse Than a Sneaky Doctor”

  1. […] appointment where the Carb-Hating Doctor is going to weigh her. The doctor, as you may recall, has used some pretty sneaky tactics to guilt Bunny into losing some weight before this appointment. Guilt, basically. She’s made […]

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