Team Bunny

September 30, 2010

Bunny needs some motivation.

She’s daunted by the task ahead of her. She can’t get started on the next phase of her weight-loss journey.

She keeps falling off the wagon. Well, not the wagon, she’s not a drinker…let’s call it the bus.

Bunny on the ScaleYes, the team bus. Team Bunny’s bus.

It’s kind of like a team on the way to a football game, and everybody’s on board, but the key player keeps stopping the bus, climbing out and sitting on the curb.

This is not the way to win the game.

Bunny likes football. Actually, she LOVES football.

So let’s use that to help her get to the finish line!

Let’s see who’s on the bus:

  • Bunny. She’s the star player, the one who does all the work.
  • Mollie, Bunny’s gym buddy. She can be the team trainer and Defensive Coordinator. Her job is to make sure Bunny gets to the gym and doesn’t suffer any injuries.
  • Your humble bloggers. We’re the Offensive Coordinator. We call the plays.
  • Cheerleaders. That’s you.

Pardon us. We have to go find a bus. We’ll be back soon.

Anybody know a marching band that works cheap?

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