Weakend Bunny

October 19, 2010

Yes, we can spell. Our point is that Bunny is weaker on the weekend than she is on weekdays.

Bunny followed her script–sorry, the play we called in the last post–to the T (whatever that means).

No diverting, no whining. She ate what we told her to eat, and not one bit more. She walked at lunch, she drank tons of water–she was a good, obedient little Bunny.

Then came the weekend.

WeekendWe won’t go into the details, but there was at least one piece of pizza, a small (but not small enough) amount of ice cream, wine, and a potato chip or five.

She wasn’t horrible, but she did lose her focus here and there. Now and then.

Then Monday came back. This is a good thing, believe it or not. It’s easier for Bunny to say on the straight and narrow when she’s at work–partly because she’s too busy to think about eating, and partly because her best friend is there to (quite literally) slap any unauthorized morsels out of her hand.

We changed up the dietary plan a little this week, but kept it along the same lines as last week’s meals.

She’s doing fine, although today it was raining, so she didn’t have her lunchtime constitutional. And she was very busy at work, so she didn’t get enough water. She can make it up tonight, but no good can come from drinking eight glasses of water two hours before beddy-bye.

She’s paying the piper on Thursday, when she visits the Carb-Hating Doctor once again for another delightful visit to the scale.

Bunny is seriously considering buying some diuretic tea tomorrow, and not eating after noon until her appointment, the next day at 4:00.

We’re discouraging this. It would be irrational.

Besides, if she followed that plan, the NEXT time she had to go weigh in, she’d have to cut off her arm or something to ensure that she lost some weight. Strangely tempting, but supremely irrational.

The only reasonable solution? Lose weight.

It always comes down to that same old song, doesn’t it?


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