We’re Baaaack

November 10, 2010

from our vacation, and a week of the flu. Perhaps we should have gotten that flu shot after all.

Bunny and Buff are on a cruise with Trudy and her hubby. (Remember Trudy, Bunny’s friend who chickened out halfway through Project Sailaway?)



Bunny says she has been walking a lot, and has visited the gym twice. Better than nothing.

Bunny says she is tired of food. We’ll see how long that lasts.

So, we hear that Weight Watchers is making big changes for 2011. There’s no official pronouncement of the details of the change, but we did some Googling, and it sounds as though they are rethinking the points calculations of food due to changes in science.

Weight Watchers is out of date? Oh dear.

If you have any details, please share. We’re getting ready for Bunny’s return from the high seas, and we have big plans for her.

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