Still Ducking the Fudge

December 21, 2010

Gift BasketAs we approach the Christmas holiday, we thought we would repost last year’s offering on what to do about all those fattening gifts that are tossed at you each December by well-meaning co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family (who should know better).

Read about Bunny’s annual struggle to  Duck the Fudge.

This year, it’s gift baskets.

She has five of them.

If you have any holiday survival tips that work for you, please share.

And do have a happy holiday!

Rumor and Innuendo

December 11, 2010

Weight Watchers is coming up with a new program. Or they’re revamping their program. Or updating it to conform with the latest science. Or something.

We’re not really sure. It’s not out yet. We have no official notice of what the plan entails, and so we’re left to scavenge the internet for rumor and innuendo, and to indulge in rampant speculation.

Oh, yeah!!! This will be fun!

GooglingWe’ve done some intensive googling on the subject, and it seems that the new points system will emphasize the quality of food.

OK, what the heck does that mean?

Well, traditionally, the Weight Watchers program didn’t really give more, um, weight (pardon the expression) to foods that were more nutritious than others. You could burn the same number of Weight Watchers points eating a healthy salad, one of those Weight Watchers packaged peanut butter cup desserts, or a bite of a Snickers bar.

The new program will apparently adjust the points to encourage you to eat the salad instead of the preservatives.

Fruit and veggies will have zero points. Nice! Pass the bananas, please.

There will be something called “Real Living” bonus points. This is supposed to help you deal with parties and other “snacky” situations. You get exactly 49 of these. (You’d think they’d round it off to 50, but we guess not.)

Are these the same as those weekly bonus points they give you now? We have no idea. We haven’t seen an official press release, nor has Bunny had this explained to her at a Weight Watchers meeting. (Perhaps the odds of this happening would increase if she actually attended a meeting. We’re working on that.)

An unfortunate byproduct of the new program, purportedly, is that you can no longer pick up a package and easily calculate the points in your head, as you can now. Currently, you simply divide the fiber grams by the fat grams, add in the square root of the per-serving calories and multiply by pi.

Or something like that. Whatever it is, you apparently won’t be able to do it in your head anymore. You will have to buy a special calculator. Ka-ching!

So there you have it. Enough rumor-mongering. Off to drag Bunny to the gym!