How Many WHAT…?

February 28, 2011

Remember that old TV commercial that asks:

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Bunny is asking a similar question:

How many days does it take for her to see some evidence of her weight-loss efforts?

Today is DAY ONE. Bunny has been perfectly attentive to her diet, eschewing birthday cake and Girl Scout cookie, eating only smallish portions of healthy things like veggies and healthy fats and proteins and whole grains.

She had to work late, so she didn’t get to her weigh-in, but she is very anxious to see some kind of result, even a teensey one, soon. It will do wonders for her motivation.

Let’s see how long it takes.

Waiting*insert Jeopardy theme here*

DAY TWO: Bunny’s still on track. She had her favorite breakfast shake. She laughed in the face of the potato chips and chocolate cake offered at her work lunch.

DAY TWO: A small bowl of Kashi cereal, nonfat milk, a teaspoon of peanut butter for energy. Bunny is on track!

Still no weigh-in due to long days at work. (That’s what she gets for taking a vacation.)

DAY FOUR: Still no evidence. She’s looking for just a hint of a result that what she’s doing is working. Just a tad. Even just a maybe will do.

Come on, you fat modules, start to dissolve!!!

The weekend came and went. Bunny was good. A glass of wine with dinner on Saturday night, that’s it.  Monday morning, she’s thinking her pants seem a tad looser, but she’s not sure.

She wants to be sure.


Hi. We’re sorry we’ve been gone so long. Your humble blogger has had a bout with that nasty flu thing. Yucky-poo.

In the meantime, Bunny and Buff went cruising with their new friends Bob and Betty. They had a great time. Betty and Bob live where it’s very cold, so a Caribbean cruise was just the thing.

They took a group photo on formal night. Bunny doesn’t understand why there’s a whale in a cocktail dress standing next to Buff.

Formal NightBetty has a bit of the same weighty problem, and so does Bob. Even always-at-the-gym Buff has had a few too many chocolate chip cookies.

They all decided that (a) they’re going on another cruise later this year, and (b) they are going to lose weight before they go.

In fact, they’re going to see each other in just two months, and they’ll check on each other’s progress then.

Exactly how they’ll be checking on each other’s weight loss has yet to be determined. No one will tell anybody else how much they weigh. Everybody’s on the honor system.

Except Bunny. She won’t tell Betty, Bob or Buff her weight, but we’ll tell YOU. Just don’t tell Bunny we told you. 🙂

So here we go with another weight loss competition. We’ll send Bunny to Weight Watchers in the next day or so to find out what her current weight is, so we’ll have someplace to start and something to shoot for.

Hopefully, Bob and Betty and Buff and Bunny will do better at Project Sailaway than Trudy did.