Oh, no. A Bunny Basket.

April 26, 2011

Easter candyIt’s Easter!

You know what that means, right?

A festival of sugar and candy, right up there with Halloween and Christmas.

How is a person supposed to lose weight when surrounded by Peeps and M&Ms and Cadbury eggs?

We learned in last year’s Easter post just how damaging those innocent-looking marshmallowy chocolatey things can be.

So there’s Bunny at work, minding her own business, and a kind and well-meaning employee proudly presents her with a beautiful Easter basket.

Oh, crap. How kind.

She had made it herself, and had clearly put a lot of effort into it. There was a stuffed bunny, a game of Carrot Baseball (ooo, fun–hit the ball with a plastic bat that looks like a carrot, lots of fun and $1 at Aahs!, thank you very much), and lots and lots of you-know-what.


Really? Candy? Bunny doesn’t even really like candy. Well, she likes it, but she can go a long time without having any candy, and it doesn’t bother her.

But there it was. Big as life and twice as fattening.

She considered her options:

(1) Thank the giver kindly, explain that she is trying to lose weight, and ask if it would be ok if she gave the candy to others in the office. This was the best solution, but she couldn’t do it. She knew that it would hurt the poor lady’s feelings.

(2) Eat it all? Ummm…..no.

(3) Make a big deal about how cute the basket is, take a picture of it so the person will feel special. Then keep the bunny in her office, as well as a small sampling of the goodies, and take the basket and most of the goodies home. Pretend that she’s eating all the candy throughout the next month or so, at home, making a casual comment about how yummy it is here and there, but in reality, take the candy and the basket to the family’s Easter brunch as a hostess gift, and make it THEIR problem.

That’s what she did. So far, it’s working.

So she had a little more candy than she wanted to, but she did minimize the damage.

And her thoughtful employee is happy.

And Bunny’s still working on the Walk-!t Challenge (exclamation point).

Happy Easter!

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