At her Week 1 Weight Watchers weigh-in, Bunny lost 7 lbs!

At her Week 2 weigh-in, she lost 0.4. 4/10. Four-tenths of one pound. She’s entirely underwhelmed by this. And now she’s worried. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s going on in Bunny’s head:

What if I’m too old to lose weight?? No, that can’t be. But 4/10 of a pound? At that rate it’ll take me 400 years to lose all this weight! I lost a lot the first week, but everybody knows that’s just water. What if…….????

With that state of mind in place, she attended the pre-Thanksgiving Weight Watchers meeting where they reviewed all the traditional holiday goodies and focused the members on how much of this and that equals how many SmartPoints. Armed with this knowledge, Bunny resolved to stay on the straight and narrow the week prior to Turkey Day, to minimize the net damage.

Then disaster struck. Two days after the meeting, Bunny went to a football party at Buffalo Wild Wings. She tried hard to choose something from the menu that sounded relatively safe. She went with something called Buffalitos — basically soft tacos. A lot of lettuce, a teensy amount of chicken, some hot sauce, and the tortilla, times two. Not too bad, right?


Sneaky little innocent-looking point-filled taco

When she got home, she discovered that this friendly looking meal cost her a cool 29 Smart Points. (What the heck do you put in your Buffalitos, Buffalo Wild Wings???)

Even worse, while waiting for the Buffalitos, she noshed on two of Buff’s mozzarella sticks. Just cheese, right? Nope. 10 Smart Points!

And that didn’t count that nice glass of wine (5 Smart Points).

So now she’s wondering about her ability to lose weight at more than 0.10039430423343 lb. per week, AND she feels as though her Thanksgiving week point-counting has been severely compromised.  Bunny is a hot mess.

But she has not entirely lost hope. We suggested that she skip this week’s weigh-in (it’s just better that she not know what she weighs the day after Thanksgiving). She will hop back on the program in earnest and have six days to (please God) lose something…anything!

Bunny needs some encouragement.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Google to the Rescue!

November 12, 2016

Since the last time Bunny did Weight Watchers, a wonderful thing has happened. Someone went to every restaurant, figured out all the SmartPoints for everything on the menu, and posted it all online! No more wondering what they put in the dish, and how many points are hiding under the lettuce leaves. No more wondering whether that bite of biscuit was 2 points or 222, and what about that teensy dollop of apple butter?

Bunny and Buff went to BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner the other night. Bunny found a nice chicken dish on their light menu page. (It had brussels sprouts, but she figured she’d just ignore them. Turned out they were pretty good!) While waiting for the food and sipping on her 8-point glass of charbouncingbunnydonnay, Bunny googled the restaurant, and Lo! There was the exact dish she ordered, all set out on a food label with all the info she needed to calculate the WW points!

Since then, a little more digging has turned up a page called, which has a list of all kinds of restaurants, and provides the SmartPoints for all their goodies, including Panera, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, and even Baskin-Robbins!!!

This is a wonderful tool. If you’re trying to keep to a points system, check it out!

Oh….did we mention that at her Week 1 Weigh-In, Bunny lost 7 lbs.? That’s half the weight of her cat!



Well, the first step is the hardest, and Bunny took it. She walked into a Weight Watchers center, signed back up, and stepped on the scale. The Dreaded Weigh-In!

As it does every once in a while, WW has changed its program. (Weight Watchers and Bunny have known each other so long, she hopes it doesn’t mind if she calls it “WW” for short. We’ll let you know if we get a nasty-gram from Oprah.) Smart Points are now Points Plus. In order to determine a food’s points, you only need to look at the label, add the trans fats to the carbs, subtract the 1/4 the fiber, multiply by 5/17 the calories, add the unsaturated fats to the serving size, divide by pi, and multiply by the age of your youngest child.

OK, that’s not quite accurate, but the point is, the formula is a little tricky, and Bunny wishes she hadn’t passed up the online tools, thinking she could do the math in her head. Online tools, here we come! Once she can figure out the points without a slide rule, she’s going into the pantry with a magic marker and writing the points on all the food!

Bunny gets 41 points every day, and 42 extra for the week. Fruits and veggies are free (even bananas)! For the first few days, Bunny’s task was to figure out how much of what to eat, and when. She’s getting the hang of it. It’s Day 3 and she has nearly hit the target all 3 days.

They made her set a goal for the first month (apparently people get discouraged with weekly goals, but almost everybody loses some weight in a month). Bunny’s goal is 9 lbs. She thought she’d lose a lot the first week, then 1-1/2 lbs. or so each subsequent week. She forgot about Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned!


Ads on our blog??!?!??!

November 1, 2016

Oh, dear, no. We’re not very technologically savvy, but we’ll get rid of those nasty little things just as soon as we can figure out what buttons to push!

We’re baaaaaack……!

November 1, 2016

We’ve been away for a long time. We’re very sorry.

Shortly after our last post, Bunny’s 85-year-old parents were in a bad car accident. This set off a long, horrible chain of events, involving nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, the sale of their family home, walkers, wheelchairs, bedsores, innumerable financial issues, and dementia. It all came to rest last month with the passing of her beloved father.

This has been the perfect storm for an emotional eater, and bad things happened to Bunny’s weight-loss situation. Bunny is no spring chicken, and between enormous stress, a sedentary job, menopause, and the general insanity of the world around us (this is will not be a political blog, but this moderator has to say, just once … Trump? really?), our Bunny is heavmanpowerchairier than ever, and splady-cryorting quite a belly.

Well, she’s just tired of it. She just got off a cruise ship, and after a little rest and recovery, Bunny has declared war on all that extra weight. They say you can’t lose weight after age 60. Well, Bunny’s not in the mood to hear that. She has a new fitbit, is on her way back to Weight Watchers, and called us and asked us to revive this blog. Once we figured out the password, we were all set!

So welcome to the next chapter of Shrinking Bunny’s Buns!