Snow Bunny in Ugg Boots

December 24, 2016


Bunny has decided to attend a Weight Watchers meeting on Fridays at 6:30 a.m. This is very early, and Bunny is a senseless zombie slow starter in the morning, but the meeting location is halfway to work, and it fits well into her schedule. If she canBasic RGB get up and organized that early.

It gets quite cold in the winter where Bunny lives. Last Friday, she dragged out of bed, looked out the window, and saw that the wind was whipping. She asked her electronic friend Alexa what the temperature was, heard a number that made her shiver, and stumbled into the closet to throw on some nice warm casual-Friday clothes. Emerging in a pair of jeans (not the dearly departed 24s, but a now-perfectly-comfy 22), a sweatshirt, a warm scarf, a parka, a sweater and Ugg boots, off she went to her meeting.

At her WW meeting, there is a sign that says, “For Health Reasons, Please Place a Paper Towel on the Scale if Weighing in Barefoot.” Bunny had decided in Week 1 that she might as well just keep her shoes on all the time. It seemed simpler.

So Bunny, still sleep and pre-coffee, got to the front of the line, wrote down her Monthly Pass number, and stepped on the scale.

Oh, you did well, just a little point-two flex. (This is WW’s way of telling you that you gained two-tenths of a pound without making it sound bad.) As Bunny was collecting her purse, the nice lady behind the desk yelled


Bunny turned to see what horrible thing was occurring.


Bunny had left her parka in the car, but still had on a thick cardigan sweater, and the lanyard with her office keys hung around her neck, as they always did when she was on her way to work.

Oh. Will that make a difference?

Now the meeting leader had arrived and was assuring Bunny that “EVERYTHING COMES OFF!” 

Bunny obediently set down her purse, took off her sweater, and the lanyard, and got back on the scale. She lost 1.2 lbs.

Cheers went up, and as Bunny walked away from the desk to head for her seat, the nice lady behind the desk yelled


Bunny turned to see her scowl.

Ugg boots? Really? Those must be at least three pounds. Get back here.

There were people in the line, and Bunny didn’t want to hold up the parade any longer, so she said cheerily,

That’s OK, I’ll lose more next week!

The nice lady behind the desk was satisfied, and went on with the next weigh-in.

Bunny was right. The next week (without the Ugg boots), she lost FOUR POUNDS.

Bunny’s total weight loss stands at 18.6 lbs.


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