Bunny’s Small Victories

February 16, 2017

Bunny has been on Weight Watchers now for more than 3 months.

And it’s working!!!

Day by day, she counts her points, dipping into her weekly total when necessary, but using it mostly as a buffer in case she accidentally miscalculated that chicken picatta as 9 points when it was really 104,535,593. Every Friday morning, she attends a meeting, and everyone shares tips and hints and ideas and successes.

And it’s working!!!

Bunny has lost 29 pounds!

Her hips are smaller. She knows this because lots of her pants are sliding down her not-as-full hips. She’s down from a size 24 jeans to size 20. It’s easier to fasten the seat belt on an airplane. And with 10% of her body weight gone, she has noticed that she doesn’t get as tired doing things like walking long distances and up and down stairs ten million times.

See, it’s working!!!

Bunny is all about goals these days. Lots and lots of little goals. She notes that if she loses 0.4 this week, she can kiss the 260’s goodbye. She celebrates every 5 lbs. loss. She has always heard that a 10% body weight loss offers significant benefits, so she made that one of her little victories as well.

These small celebrations, even if they’re just inside her head, are motivating Bunny to stay on the path. It’s not hard. She’s not suffering and doesn’t feel deprived. She is losing daily points as she loses weight, but she’s adjusting — her 9 point morning shake had to get a tad smaller so it was only 7 points. And when she just has to eat something, fruit and veggies are free!

So as Bunny’s buns are steadily shrinking, we face a new challenge. Next week Bunny is going on a cruise.

Stay tuned!

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