Bunny’s Small Victories

February 16, 2017

Bunny has been on Weight Watchers now for more than 3 months.

And it’s working!!!

Day by day, she counts her points, dipping into her weekly total when necessary, but using it mostly as a buffer in case she accidentally miscalculated that chicken picatta as 9 points when it was really 104,535,593. Every Friday morning, she attends a meeting, and everyone shares tips and hints and ideas and successes.

And it’s working!!!

Bunny has lost 29 pounds!

Her hips are smaller. She knows this because lots of her pants are sliding down her not-as-full hips. She’s down from a size 24 jeans to size 20. It’s easier to fasten the seat belt on an airplane. And with 10% of her body weight gone, she has noticed that she doesn’t get as tired doing things like walking long distances and up and down stairs ten million times.

See, it’s working!!!

Bunny is all about goals these days. Lots and lots of little goals. She notes that if she loses 0.4 this week, she can kiss the 260’s goodbye. She celebrates every 5 lbs. loss. She has always heard that a 10% body weight loss offers significant benefits, so she made that one of her little victories as well.

These small celebrations, even if they’re just inside her head, are motivating Bunny to stay on the path. It’s not hard. She’s not suffering and doesn’t feel deprived. She is losing daily points as she loses weight, but she’s adjusting — her 9 point morning shake had to get a tad smaller so it was only 7 points. And when she just has to eat something, fruit and veggies are free!

So as Bunny’s buns are steadily shrinking, we face a new challenge. Next week Bunny is going on a cruise.

Stay tuned!

First and Ten

October 12, 2010

Team Bunny BusOk, we found a bus. Team Bunny is on the move!

Here’s the situation:

Bunny has ten days before her doctor appointment where the Carb-Hating Doctor is going to weigh her. The doctor, as you may recall, has used some pretty sneaky tactics to guilt Bunny into losing some weight before this appointment. Guilt, basically. She’s made it clear that she personally will be sad and disappointed if Bunny hasn’t lost a few pounds.

Ten days, ten yards. Let’s see if Bunny can make a first down.

Here’s the play call for the next three days–Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.


A Bunny breakfast shake. This consists of:

  • unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  • natural peanut butter
  • chocolate whey protein powder
  • a banana
  • ground flaxseed.

This shake, by the way, complies with a lot of The Nutrition Diva’s tips on how to make the perfect smoothie. And Bunny likes it.


A Luna protein bar. Not a perfect lunch, but not bad. At least it provides protein and some vitamins. Easy, tasty, quick, and leaves time for a walk at lunch.


A turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, avocado, and lots of tomatoes. Mustard, no mayo. More tomatoes on the side, with a touch of olive oil. Not a traditional dinner meal, but it’s easy, and it provides protein, whole grains, healthy fat. And, again, Bunny likes it. She also doesn’t have to cook it. She likes that, too.


A piece of fruit, string cheese, one Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bar.


Sugar, chips, guacamole, alcohol. Chips and guacamole are a danger because today is Taco Tuesday at the cantina across the street from the office, and sometimes chips happen. We want Bunny to avoid this for the next few a days. As for alcohol, Bunny wouldn’t likely even think about it on a weeknight, but we’re putting it on the list just in case.


Three of those big SmartWater bottles each day.


Bunny is to do ten minutes of stretching exercises every day, and take a walk every day at lunch.

So that’s the plan.

Bunny is not allowed to change the play at the line of scrimmage. (She can’t be trusted to call her own audible.) Any variances (for example, if the boss wants to go out to lunch) must be submitted to the Offensive Coordinator (your humble bloggers) before any changes are made.

Let’s see how Bunny does.


August 23, 2010

Buff has started bringing cookies in the house, and Bunny has started grabbing a handful here and there, a couple of times a day (or three).

Mindless eating.

Bunny has Weight Watchers set up on a monthly autopay, but can never get to the meetings because of her job. She used to be able to make it to the Center in time to at least weigh in and maybe catch the last five minutes of the meeting, but she hasn’t even been able to do that for a couple of months. She gets stuck late at work, and traffic is awful.

RaceIt doesn’t help that Weight Watchers, a huge, global corporation, still runs its Centers like a mom and pop organization. They’re open only around meeting time, shutting down very soon thereafter, and there are only a few meetings a week. And only one or two Bunny even has a chance of making.

She tried to do Weight Watcher online, but she needs the forced weigh-in to stay on track. This isn’t working, and at this point Bunny’s not even following the food plan. Especially since the cookies arrived.

So. Bye-bye Weight Watchers, see ya later.

Hello, weekly weigh-in at the gym. This is good. That means she has to go to the gym at least once a week, something she has also not been doing in the last couple of months.

Bunny also commits to following the Weight Watchers food plan, counting her points, renewing her efforts, and keeping a food diary.

So. Let’s review the commitments Bunny makes today:

  • Weekly weigh-in at the gym.
  • Keep food diary.
  • Follow Weight Watchers plan.
  • Refocus and renew effort.
  • No cookies.
  • Make Trudy jealous when she gets on board that ship later this year.

Let’s do it!!!

Week 2: Make that .2

June 29, 2010

It’s Week 2 weigh-in day for our Project Sailaway contestants.

Well, the good news is, Bunny’s clothes are becoming visibly looser, at least in the nether regions.

The bad news is, she gained 4/10 of a pound.I GAINED???

She’s so pleased.


Why isn’t she losing? She wasn’t bad. She stayed focus and within her Weight Watchers points all week.

Well, except for a lunch meeting at a lovely restaurant with some harmless roasted chicken and just a smidge of perfectly lovely mushroom risotto…

and then dinner at an Italian restaurant the next night, and well yes, she did have a piece or two of garlic bread and a glass of wine just to be social…

and then the next night they went to the theater and she had a friendly and perfectly harmless turkey sandwich, but it was midnight and she was in bed 45 minutes after she at it…

But that shouldn’t do it. Should it?

Could be.

Or is it the Herbalife shakes for lunch at work? Or the protein bar snacks? Is she consuming too much protein? It’s very clear that things are shrinking, so good things are definitely happening, but we’d like to see some evidence on the scale.

Especially since Trudy jumped out to such a fast lead.

This week, Trudy lost another half pound, for a total of 5 pounds lost.

Congrats again, Trudy!

Alrighty, well, Bunny’s total loss is 2/10 of a pound.


But she’ll keep at it!

And she will catch Trudy!

And she will Win! Win! Win!

(um, Mollie? Get our girl back to the gym, ok? Fast.)

Oh, by the way, Trudy asked that we go back to counting tenths, as opposed to our unilateral decision last week to round off to the nearest half-pound. Sure, Trudy, no problem. (Especially since our plan would leave Bunny with zero weight loss. Let’s not kill our girl’s spirit.)

Project Sailaway Scorecard:

Bunny : -0.2

Trudy :  -5.0

Trudy leads the competition by 4.8 lbs.

Gosh, this is kind of depressing.

Week One Results

June 21, 2010

The Week One results are in!

Before we reveal the total number of pounds lost by our Project Sailaway competitors this week, we’d like to share highlights of our post-weigh-in interview with Bunny.

InterviewWell, Bunny, how do you think you did this week?

Oh, I definitely think I lost weight. I can feel that my pants are a teensy bit looser, so I think I lost some inches in my waist. Well, maybe not inches. An inch in a week seems like a lot. Half inches? Maybe a quarter? What’s smaller than that, milligrams? Whatever, my pants feel looser and yes, I think I lost some weight. I don’t know how much, I can never tell. Any time I think I lost a lot, I lost a little, and if I think I gained, I’ve lost 5 lbs. I have no idea. I’d better have lost something!

Off to Weight Watchers she went. When she returned, we chatted again:

I only lost 6/10 of a pound. I thought it was more.

Well, at least you lost.

Yeah, well… I did have a big lunch and a protein bar snack and 2 big bottles of water not long before the weigh-in. I thought I’d get more week-one water-loss than that. Oh well.

We have Trudy’s results. Would you like to hear them?

She beat me, didn’t she?

Trudy lost 4.5 lbs.

Four and a half pounds!? In a week? Oh my gosh! I bet she ate 3 hot fudge sundaes before she weighed in the first time, then starved herself silly before she weighed in today, just so she’d lose a lot of weight. Four and a half pounds. I’ll never hear the end of it.

Are you suggesting that Trudy cheated?

No, she’s not a cheater. She’s not above being sneaky, though.

Well, keep doing what you’re doing, get back into the gym, and we’ll see how it goes next week. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Oh, gosh, that’s a nice platitude. Thanks. Four and a half pounds. Sheesh.

The good news is, you did lose a little in your hips!

I did? an inch?

No, a milligram.

Actually about half an inch.

Project Sailaway Scorecard:

Bunny : -0.6

Trudy :  -4.5

Trudy leads the competition by 3.9 lbs.

Wait a second. Those tenths are just ridiculous. Let’s deal with half-pound increments, and save the tenths for tiebreakers. We’ll round off to the closest half-pound.

You’re taking away another tenth of a pound?

Sorry, Bunny.

Amended Scorecard:

Bunny : -0.5

Trudy : -4.5

Trudy leads the competition by 4 lbs.

Stop gloating, Trudy.

Project Sailaway Begins!

June 14, 2010

Cruise ShipToday is Day One of Bunny’s weight-loss competition with her friend Trudy.

The girls and their hubbies will be off on a cruise to Hawaii later this year.  A traumatic swimsuit-shopping experience has Trudy resolved to skim off a few dozen pounds before the big event. Bunny thought that was a great idea and hopped on board, and they decided to make a game of it.

Only it’s not a game. It’s a serious competition. Trudy is extremely focused and ridiculously competitive, and she will never let Bunny hear the end of it if she wins.

Seriously. Never.

So it starts today.

Each participant was weighed today–Trudy at her doctor’s office, Bunny at a Weight Watchers meeting–to make it official. Bunny hasn’t been to a weigh-in for several weeks, but she only gained 8/10 of a pound, despite last week’s birthday festivities. Not too bad.

The girls live across the country from each other, so in order to keep them honest, a disinterested and reliable party was assigned to–well, to put it bluntly, check upon them and keep them from cheating. Bunny’s gym buddy Mollie and Trudy’s sister are the designated keepers of the trust.

We also took the girls’ measurements. Neither one will let us share their weight or measurements, at least not yet, but we have the numbers tucked away in a safe place, and will share how much hast been lost along the way.

And off we go!

The Results Show

February 22, 2010

Bunny had to go back to Weight Watchers for her post-vacation weigh-in tonight.

Despite her good efforts since her return home, she was not expecting the best. Nor were we.

She walked into the Weight Watchers center, checked in, and bravely approached the scale.

She put down her purse. Took off her shoes. Her sweater. Her glasses. Her watch. Her earrings.

She considered taking off her wedding ring, but she was afraid she couldn’t get it off. That would be just TOO depressing.

She stepped onto the scale. She considered trying to hold onto the edge of the desk, but figured they were probably onto that one.


(We’re going for Ryan Seacrest on American Idol here. Go with it, OK?)

The results are in….

(dramatic pause)

America voted…

(another dramatic pause)


(yes, another)

You are...

(we’re almost done)


Despite the chocolate PancakesWafflesBananaBreadMuffinsMartinisCookiesCake

Despite the steak, the lobster, the steak AND lobster…

Despite the dinner rolls, the cinnamon rolls, the fat rolls (no, that’s something else)…

Despite the passionberry duo, the apple pie, the a la mode, the pizza, the eggs benedict and God knows what else…

And despite various and sundry Potable Potentates (no, that’s not it…what’s that category they use on Jeopardy? … oh poo … hold on … google google google … AH!

Despite various and sundry Potent Potables…

Despite all that…

Bunny gained on her vacation…



Zero Point Eight.

Eight-tenths of a pound.

That’s ALL.



Bunny’s collateral damage on her vacation was PRACTICALLY NOTHING!

Less than a pound? ONE pound? LESS? Not even ONE pound?


She can get that back by next week!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!