Where do we start?

September 2, 2009

Bunny lost of a lot of weight with Weight Watchers, and then later with the Adkins diet. 

Recently, she tried Weight Watchers Online. That was a great idea, she thought, because she works long hours, and hubby keeps her hopping from this event to that event when she’s not working. That was, as they say, an Epic Fail because Bunny can’t be trusted. Bunny needs accountability. She needs to be checked up on, either by regular weigh-ins at the doctor, or perhaps by someone who is following her around, writing down every bite she takes, every move she makes, onto a blog for the world to see. 🙂

She needs to weigh herself once a week. She doesn’t own a scale, so that means either the doctor or the gym. She’s not ready to deal with her nag of a doctor yet, and she should go to the gym anyway, so that’s the preliminary plan.

But first, she must change her mindset and control what she eats. There’s nothing mystical about losing weight. You burn more than you consume.

Bunny’s challenge has always been that the voices in her head take over, and she eats things she shouldn’t eat, and more than she should eat. She’s sure this is an eating disorder of some kind, she’s definitely an emotional eater, but she can lose weight quite successfully if she can stay in control of her head, and not let it fall under the control of whatever nasty little fat-loving demon resides in the deepest recesses of her psyche.

So, we start with making healthy choices and going to the gym.