Chocolate Pancakes?!

February 14, 2010

One morning on the cruise, it was chocolate day at breakfast.

A chocolate-themed breakfast. Whose bright idea was THAT? Some damned skinny person, that’s who.

But we digress.

Chocolate banana bread. Chocolate waffles. Muffins. Parfait. Croissants. Hot chocolate with chocolate-flavored whipped cream.

You could, if you were so inclined, even get a chocolate martini.

For breakfast???

What was she going to do when faced with this booby-trapped breakfast? Order oatmeal? Scrambled eggs?

If she could do that, she’d be a size six.

Bunny ate two chocolate pancakes and had half a piece of chocolate banana bread.

She tried to be good. Or at least not terrible. Sometimes she succeeded.

When presented with a choice between fettucine alfredo and baked chicken, she went with the chicken.

She chose veggies over baked potatoes.

She had one roll with dinner instead of four.

One cinnamon roll with breakfast instead of twelve. (They make really good cinnamon rolls, and they’re kind of small…)

She tried to avoid dessert, but if she did order it, she tried hard not to finish it. (But, oh, the warm chocolate cake and passion berry duo were possibly the best desserts she has ever had.)

A couple of times, she ordered an appetizer and salad and skipped the main course.

She didn’t go looking for cookies, and only ate them if Lucy brought them to the room.

They were calling her. What could she do when a chocolate chip cookie was sitting on the counter in her room calling her?

Bunny….oh, Bunny…come get me…you know you want to…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

She isn’t being extremely good, but she isn’t being extremely bad either.

However, she will certainly be returning with more than she had when she left.

The good news is, Bunny seems to be on food overload. She’s had it. She’s actually looking forward to coming back and starting back on the path to righteousness.

She’s one stuffed bunny.

Bunny has been saying “no, thanks” to a lot of things she would have grabbed before she began this journey:Fly

Muffins. Oh, how Bunny loves muffins. Especially after a healthy breakfast shake.

Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Caesar Salad. Pre-packaged, yummy, for sale at your local Gelson’s. (Calories: 870, Fat: 66g, Carbs: 25g, Protein: 45g.) Bunny walked right past it and headed for the salad bar, where she assembled a lovely collection of fresh veggies. Good Bunny!

Starbucks. Bunny used to go with a Grande Chai Nonfat Latte with one Spenda. And 2 cookies. Today: Grande Nonfat Cappuccino, one Splenda, and definitely no cookies.

Deli DoRight. At the deli, Bunny passed on the bagel and bagel chips.

Football game snacks: She forewent—(oh, that can’t be the correct past tense of forego. BRB . . . Well, what do you know? According to, it sure is. Moving on. . .) 
Bunny forewent the standard chips, ice cream and popcorn, and brought some nice green grapes to snack on. On which to snack. For snacking. She ate green grapes!

Zero Coke? Bunny is choosing water instead of Coke Zero. (Diet Coke is SO last-season!)