Carrots in the Closet

September 14, 2009

Bunny wears a very small percentage of the clothes in her closet, because most of them don’t fit anymore. She doesn’t feel quite right about clearing it out and donating most of  the clothes to GoodWill, because she’s sure she’s going to lose the weight…some time…and she will need all those clothes.  Bunny is not alone. We’re sure there are hundreds of thousands of closets across the globe that are in this same condition.

Well, Bunny’s right, she is going to need at least some of those clothes, because she’s going to lose the weight this time.


That’s what we thought.Closet

We asked Bunny to pick out a few items of clothes that she especially likes. Things that she looks at and thinks, oh, I wish I could fit into that.  She chose 5 blouses and 2 skirts. She tried them all on, and we ranked them in order of how they fit. What we’re looking for is an item of clothing that Bunny will be able to fit into in the not-too-distant future. Something tangible for her to shoot for. Something that will make her feel good about her progress. Something we can dangle in front of her like a carrot. (What bunny doesn’t like carrots?)

Oh, brother. She’s not going to fit into these things for months.

The first one on the list is a blue and black striped blouse. The good news is that she can button all the buttons. The bad news is that it looks like it’s buttoned around a sack of potatoes. We took pictures. She made us delete them. Bunny’s spare tire above her waist is going to have to go going to have to lose a little more weight before she’ll be wearing this blouse in public.

We’re going to ask Bunny to model this blouse every month. One of these days, it’s going to fit. That will be a significant milestone, a Gold Star, and we’re going to Par-Tay!!!!

And then we’ll choose the next item on the list, and so on, and so on, until Bunny fits into all the clothes in her closet. 

Even the yellow pants.

More on those later.