Cranky No More

February 3, 2010

We’re so depressed.

Our favorite fitness blog is going away at the end of the month.

CrankyFitness has been a wonderful resource for great information.

A fantastic motivator.

Recommendations of other great blogs. And even more great blogs.

A connection to others who are as…well, cranky…about exercise and all those nasty things you have to do to keep fit as Bunny is.

Crabby McSlacker and Merry Sunshine brought humor and fun into our day, along with a generous helping of great information.

And now they’re leaving.

We wish them well. We wish them more than well.

And we hope to see them on blog comments along the way.

Maybe even here?

That would be so cool.

Bye, Cranky!

Odds and Ends

January 19, 2010

Chipping away at that little weight gain on her last Weight Watchers visit, Bunny lost 1.2 lbs this week.  She’s still keeping her food diary…most of the time.

The Nutrition Diva has recently been discussing topics close to Bunny’s situation. This one is called Why We Overeat? It talks about how visual and environmental cues affect weight loss, and the simple fact that hunger often has nothing to do with eating.

The Nutrition Diva also talks about low-carb diets. Buff lost nearly 200 lbs. on a low-carb diet, and Bunny lost a boatload as well, but she moved away from it because she just didn’t think it was a great idea never to eat fruit.

Bunny likes fruit.

She found a nutritionist who worked fruit into her diet. She was successful for a while, and then the nutritionist inadvertently disturbed the restful repose of Bunny’s eating monster. Blink, size 20.

She doesn’t like fruit THAT much.

Anyway, the Nutition Diva has another one about how much protein you should eat. Bunny always wonders about that as she scoops whey protein powder into her morning shake.

Finally, the Diva references a book called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink that sounds interesting. More reading for us to do.

OK, enough free plugs for Quick and Dirty Tips. We found a couple of blog posts that provide particularly cogent advice.

Our friends at CrankyFitness posted a great article on willpower, which in turn referred us to a post at Escape from Obesity about split-second decisions.

Bunny enjoyed these posts, and more importantly, felt motivated by them.

Anybody who motivates Bunny is OK in our book.


October 24, 2009

Halloween is coming.Want to see something really frightening? Trick or TreatTake a look at this.

This horrible little calculator was brought to our attention by our friends at You should read the article; it’s a hoot. But this calculator is just slightly less frightening than your favorite scary movie.

It calculates how much walking you would have to do if you indulged in various Halloween treats.

Two lousy little teeny-weeny Hershey’s Kisses, and we have to walk FOR HALF A MILE?


This is just awful. Bunny is so upset. Who needs to be slapped in the face with this kind of harsh reality? She HATES harsh reality! She likes to pretend! Ignore the truth! Rationalize!


Halloween’s supposed to be FUN, isn’t it?

Damned calculator.


A Rant and a Rave

October 2, 2009

Not a Muffin!The Rave: 

Bunny hasn’t eaten sugar since we started this blog. And she reports that she doesn’t crave it any more.

Do you want a muffin, Bunny? We know how you love muffins.

No, thanks, a muffin really sounds awful. I think I’ll have an apple.

It’s a miracle!!!


The Rant:

We’re highly offended by NBC’s The Biggest Loser. In our opinion, the wildly popular (un)reality show is sadistic, exploitative, focuses on the wrong things (like number of pounds lost), and sends entirely the wrong message to the poor, struggling, garden-variety home dieter (like Bunny). We know a lot of people like to watch it, including Buff, and it’s a bit like watching a car accident (you can’t keep your eyes off of it), but this upsets us, because we really think it’s exploitative, even harmful.

Check out the article at the blog Mark’s Daily Apple, which we think states it quite well. This blog is new to us, but we like this article, and they have the wonderful (even though now Merry-less) Cranky Fitness on their blogroll, so that’s another point in their favor.

“Light” Reading

September 6, 2009

Light ReadingWhile waiting for Bunny’s buns to shrink (and the alarm should go off any minute now), we recommend the following to those who are interested in weight loss and healthy eating.

Cranky Fitness: Your Guide to Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, and Whining approaches the topic from the perspective that the process is no fun, but let’s have fun anyway. The site is extremely entertaining, provides good information, and it’s nice to know that others are as enthusiastic about having to lose weight and get healthy as Bunny is.

For more good reading on this topic, check out these two posts on the CrankyFitness Blog: Weight Loss Blogs: Kickin’ Ass and Takin’ Names and Readers’ Choice: Best Weight Loss Blogs.

The Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous is the companion website to a podcast we follow. These are the same people who do the popular Grammar Girl podcast. Monica Reinagel, a nutritionist, addresses all kinds of food-related topics, analyses dietary fads and helps keep us on the path to righteousness without being boring.