We’re not sure how she pulled it off, but Bunny has the flu.

We’re certain that this is an elaborate device to wiggle out of our get-to-The-Damned-Gym-by-Wednesday-or-else ultimatum.

She’s managed to cook up a 102F temperature. We saw the thermometer. She’s not holding it up to the light like that kid in ET, either. Her eyes are all puffy and drippy, she’s got the congestion thing. and she sounds like a cross between Tallulah Bankhead and Kathleen Turner. There’s clear evidence that her normal bodily functions are not functioning normally.

This reminds us of the time when Bunny and Buff were vacationing with her parents.  (They used to do that, isn’t that nice? now, sadly, Mom and Dad are too old.) Buff wanted to go to Hawaii, but Bunny, Mom and Dad pushed for Bermuda. They flew to DC, then went to board a flight to Bermuda.Flu

There was a hurricane between the mainland and Bermuda.

The fight was cancelled.

They stayed in a hotel and tried again the next day.


No go.

Guess where they ended up?

Hawaii. Where Buff wanted to go all along.

How did he do that?

To this day, we’re certain that Buff caused that hurricane. And now Bunny comes up with the flu just to keep from going to the gym.

You people are tricky, but you’re not fooling us. I’m just saying.

Trick or not, get well soon, Bunny. Take aspirin and hydrate. Maybe you’ll even lose a pound or two.

That would be fantastic!!!