Shrink Those Buns!

September 2, 2009

Hello! You’re just in time. Today marks the beginning of Bunny’s journey to health, happiness and a new skinny body! 

This is isn’t the first time Bunny has gone down this road, but she’s in her 50’s now, and although she had heard that it’s harder to lose weight after age 50, she assumed that meant that the weight would come off more slowly because the metabolism slows down. While very true, that’s not the half of it.  They forget to tell her that her mind would be far less cooperative than it used to be.

Ah, yes, the mind. It becomes tired, cranky, stubborn and unfriendly when presented with the prospect of taking the trip down the road of weight loss again. Bunny’s challenge is to befriend it, trick it, bribe it, buy it dinner, whatever it takes to get it on board, because the effort succeeds and fails only if the mind is on board.

OK, enough about roads and buses. Let’s start shrinking those buns! 

(Feel free to lend encouragement whenever you like. Bunny needs all the help she can get.)