Champagne and Pepperoni

October 14, 2009

It’s Buff and Bunny’s wedding anniversary. They’ve been married quite a while.Toast

Normally, they go out to dinner to a nice restaurant. Maybe a steak house like Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. If they’re in the right corner of the globe, they seek out their favorite steak house, Mastro’s. If they’re in the mood to be stuffed like a sausage with voluminous but incredibly yummy Italian, they do Maggiano’s. Once in a while they even go back to the place where they were married. Sweet. But they always celebrate with a nice dinner.

Well, not this time.

Remember that flu Bunny concocted to get out of going to the gym a week or two ago? Well, she gave it to Buff. He hasn’t left the house in three days.

So, instead of the dietary challenge presented by a special-occasion dining experience, we have the dietary challenge presented by a husband eating nothing but Campbell’s tomato soup, Saltines–and pepperoni pizza.Pizza

Yes, the sicko wants pizza.

It’s not the stomach flu.

Happy anniversary, Bunny and Buff!

Don’t pig out on the pepperoni.