August 23, 2010

Buff has started bringing cookies in the house, and Bunny has started grabbing a handful here and there, a couple of times a day (or three).

Mindless eating.

Bunny has Weight Watchers set up on a monthly autopay, but can never get to the meetings because of her job. She used to be able to make it to the Center in time to at least weigh in and maybe catch the last five minutes of the meeting, but she hasn’t even been able to do that for a couple of months. She gets stuck late at work, and traffic is awful.

RaceIt doesn’t help that Weight Watchers, a huge, global corporation, still runs its Centers like a mom and pop organization. They’re open only around meeting time, shutting down very soon thereafter, and there are only a few meetings a week. And only one or two Bunny even has a chance of making.

She tried to do Weight Watcher online, but she needs the forced weigh-in to stay on track. This isn’t working, and at this point Bunny’s not even following the food plan. Especially since the cookies arrived.

So. Bye-bye Weight Watchers, see ya later.

Hello, weekly weigh-in at the gym. This is good. That means she has to go to the gym at least once a week, something she has also not been doing in the last couple of months.

Bunny also commits to following the Weight Watchers food plan, counting her points, renewing her efforts, and keeping a food diary.

So. Let’s review the commitments Bunny makes today:

  • Weekly weigh-in at the gym.
  • Keep food diary.
  • Follow Weight Watchers plan.
  • Refocus and renew effort.
  • No cookies.
  • Make Trudy jealous when she gets on board that ship later this year.

Let’s do it!!!

Pigging Out

January 3, 2010

Bunny’s been slacking.

Buff’s been off his diet, and there are evil things in the house. Things like leftover pizza and Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies.

The weekend involved 3 movies and 3 bags of movie popcorn.

At lunchtime, she walked right past the Gelson’s nice fresh points-friendly salad bar and headed straight for Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Caesar Salad. We’ve discussed that before. This is a sign that Bunny has lost her focus. She knows that the salad bar is a better choice. She’s not in the driver’s seat right now.

She’s not counting points, she’s skipping meals, she’s dipping her hand into a bag of pretzels mindlessly.

She’s in that spiral that ends in that land where Butterfingers and chocolate chip muffins reign supreme, and there’s not a lettuce leaf or a skinny person to be found.

This.  Stops.  Now.

We’re going to drag her to Weight Watchers tomorrow, and we’re going to glue her Weight Watchers points counter to her hand so she can’t open the refrigerator door, and we’re going to make damned good and sure she eats exactly 30 points, no more and no less. We’re going to follow her around and make her life a living hell until she gets back on track.

If she’s not in control, we will take over until we can shove her back into the driver’s seat.

We suspect this is the final fall-out from the holidays. She fought challenge after challenge and succeeded countless times, but now she has slipped off the path. Instead of skipping down the yellow brick road, she’s sitting under one of those apple trees inhaling Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars a box at a time, with a sprinkling of Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark Cookies (which she hates because they’re about 10 times too sweet).

Think good thoughts, and stand by for the weigh-in.

Cue spooky music.

She’s Baaaaaaaack…

December 28, 2009

Bunny didn’t go to her Weight Watchers meeting tonight.

She and Buff went away for the weekend and had gotten home late last night, so she was tired, she needed to shop for groceries, fix dinner, unpack and do a couple of loads of laundry.

She also needed to get gas when Buff called to tell her he was taking her car the next day. He would have a conniption fit if he found out she was driving on fumes.

He hates that.

No, she wasn’t up to the it’s-not-good-for-the-engine-to-drive-on-less-than-a-quarter-tank speech, and she wasn’t up for her Weight Watchers meeting either.

So, she dutifully went to the market.

That’s where it happened.

A bag of Crunchy Cheetos jumped into her cart!

And then into her paper-not-plastic bag.

And then into her car.

It was gone before she finished the five-minute drive home.

She’s baaaaacckkk….


Chasing after Bunny wielding one of her top-five trigger foods!

Why did she fall victim to this attack? Because she was tired? She wasn’t hungry. Would this have happened if she had gone to the meeting? What do you think?

These unexpected attacks are something Bunny has faced her entire life. There she is, happily in control of what she’s eating, and all of a sudden she turns a corner and BAM! She’s smacked in the face by a bag of Cheetos, a Butterfingers or a slice of chocolate cake.

We must move forward. Control must be re-established at once.

Pardon us while we go chase after Bunny with her Weight Watchers points calculator.

Wish us luck!


November 16, 2009

Bunny is travelling again. Yesterday, she kinda sorta lost her way.

It started out well. On Saturday, she went to California Pizza Kitchen. One half chopped salad, one slice of thin-crust pepperoni pizza, one piece of sourdough bread with butter, one glass of white wine. She wasn’t sure how to count all that, but she guessed, and she was still in control.

She was still in control when she kept her hands out of Buff’s movie popcorn. Sunday morning she had Starbuck’s Perfect Oatmeal (only 2 Weight Watchers points) with a few nuts and non-fat milk. Still in control.

A bowling party, a cocktail party, and dinner at LBS., A Burger Joint, where they serve the best burgers in America. Huge, monstrous, ridiculous burgers with every topping known to man.  She went with a single patty, no crazy toppings, and passed on the fries, but this is by no means your average hamburger.

ChipsSomewhere along the way, it happened. 

She found her hand in Buff’s bag of chips.



Do I hear five?

Just a few. Oh, maybe a few more. Well, just…



Today is her weigh-in day, but, as we may have mentioned, she’s travelling, so the weigh-in will be bumped two days.

We’ll see how her teensy little oops affects her progress.

But the good news is, she got right back on track the next day!

Bunny feels great!

She’s following her plan and counting her points and feeling successfulHappy

and productive

and hopeful

and excited

and wondering why she always forgets how good she feels when she’s NOT letting the mindless eating Monster lead her around by the nose.

She’s having baked chicken with veggies for dinner. She used to skip dinner half the time because it was too much trouble to cook something different for herself than for low-carb/no seasoning Buff. There’s no way she’s going to eat what he eats (plain burger patties, Campbell’s beef broth and a salad as big as a swimming pool), even though when she did that diet she lost a ton of weight. Bunny doesn’t want to give up fruit, and fruit has carbs, so there you go. And good luck finding a low-carb dessert (she ate enough sugar-free Jello to float Oasis of the Seas, thank you very much).

The problem she is having is that she is full after dinner, but she still has 6, 7 or 8 points to eat.  30 points a day is a LOT!

Lately, her solution has been Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie with nonfat milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Toss it in a blender with some ice to make it spoonable.  5 points, mmmm, we’re done, night-night.

We know she should work on eating more points earlier in the day, but right now she’s losing weight and feeling good, so we’re just hopping on the train, enjoying the ride and keeping our mouths shut.

The Monster Awakes

September 14, 2009

We haven’t bothered Bunny much in the past few days. She’s doing well, making good choices, and so we thought we’d give her a break.Food Monster

Big mistake.

She’s having a shake every morning, despite her decision to mix it up with cereal and blueberries.  The day she had the cereal she had noticeable shrinkage in her midsection.

Last night, Bunny had her hand in her husband’s raspberry-covered yogurt pretzels from Henry’s market.  A few yogurt pretzels aren’t going to hurt her, but she took two, then went back later for 2 more, then again, then…


Next problem:  Bunny’s husband Buff kindly went to Costco and bought her some popcorn. She has been buying the microwave bag that’s 96% fat free–the one Weight Watchers recommends (what a great excuse to eat something!)  Buff, however, picked up Orville Reddenbacher Movie Theater Butter popcorn instead. What to do?

  1. Thank Buff for getting the popcorn, but explain that it was the wrong kind, and she didn’t want to eat it because it was a lot more fattening. He would have understood that. He struggles with weight, too. That’s the correct answer.
  2. Open the box and start on the first of the 32 bags, look past the fact that the bags are actually greasy because the butter  has soaked through the paper, ignore your rational instinct to check the calories and fat content, and remember to remind Buff to get the other kind next time.

#1 is the correct answer, the rational choice. Bunny went with #2.

Three days and three bags of popcorn later, Bunny is wondering why her shrinkage seems to have backtracked at bit. Alright, let’s stop this right now by applying a few harsh but pertinent facts:

There are 2.5 servings in a one bag of Orville Reddenbacher Movie Theater Butter microwave popcorn. (How stupid is that, by the way? Of course Bunny eats the whole bag.) Each serving is 18G of fat and 170 calories. Times 2.5.  425 calories and 45 grams of fat.

Excuse us while we take that box of popcorn to Bunny’s car so she can leave it in the lunch room for all the skinny people to enjoy.

This is the ugly snarling food-eating monster waking up from her nap. This is how it starts. Before Bunny knows what hits her, she’s running to the market for a giant muffin as soon as she gets to work, having fries with her grilled chicken sandwich for lunch, making excuses to visit her assistant’s office so she can sneak 5 or 6 Hershey’s Kisses out of the candy jar, and wondering what’s for dessert.


It seems that Bunny benefits from having us breathe down her neck and peek around the corner at every move she makes.

No problem.  We’re on it.