Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 24, 2010

Bunny’s back from vacation, and cooking up a storm.

Well, not a storm. More like an April shower.

Usually, she cooks up a storm for 20-something family members. Last year’s post Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! gives you a good idea of what she goes through in a normal year.

This year, it’s only 13 people.

Usually, Bunny is a mess by now. Cooking this and washing that, setting up this and looking for that, and emotionally eating this and obsessively worrying about that.

What if the oven stops working?

What if the turkey isn’t done when the people arrive?

What if I don’t have enough gravy?

What if the sun explodes?

This year, things are much simpler.

Fewer people, more store-bought foods, less stress.

Pilgrim BunnyWe’ll see how that goes.


Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

November 28, 2009

Bunny cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for 28 people. Brie and crackers. Veggies and spinach dip.  A turkey, a prime rib, side dishes galore. Cheesecake. A dear friend brought a homemade chocolate/lemon cake, his first (extremely successful) attempt at fondant. Had to try that. Apple pie. Ice cream. Cookies for the kids. Three people walked in offering wine. 

Bunny was flat-on-her-back exhausted from this event. Bunny and Buff’s house has tile floors, and her feet and back hurt. She has one oven, and it’s an organizational nightmare getting everything hot at once, especially with arriving guests parading into the kitchen for hugs and kisses and Happy Thanksgivings and you’ll never guess what little Susie said today.

I love you all, I’m so glad you’re here, and I want to hear every little detail of your always fascinating lives, but right now, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY KITCHEN and let me serve this #&%)@*$ dinner!!!

She had to take a break in the preparations Thursday morning to drive 40 miles to fetch Mom and Dad, then drive them back on Friday. Dad was cranky. Mom was mad at Dad for being cranky. Buff was mad at Bunny because Mom and Dad were cranky.

Bunny just wanted the whole thing over.

These are not optimal conditions for watching what she eats. And she didn’t.

The next day, leftovers. Ooo, there’s half a piece of cheesecake left. And some dip. Love those trigger foods. Oh well…

Saturday, a big football game. Bunny is in charge of making brownies. Buff loads up on chips. Someone will bring wine.

Bunny is beaten up and her defenses are down, but she hasn’t lost her way. She’s anxiously looking forward to a return to normalcy. Sunday. Weight Watchers points. Control. She’s really looking forward to it. She knows she will feel better.

Let’s all raise a 3-Weight Watchers-point glass of wine to Bunny and to all the other bunnys throughout the country who cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for their families. It’s really a lot of hard work. And it’s really hard on the nerves, not to mention the back and the feet. And for people like Bunny who have a real problem with food, it can be damned near impossible.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bunny!

And to you, too.

Bunny has been perusing her calendar for the next week, and it’s a road full of big potholes:

Wednesday–lunch meeting at work.

Thursday–dinner at Mexican restaurant (read: chips-guac-margarita) for Buff’s birthday.

Friday–dinner with cousins at BBQ restaurant for Buff’s birthday.

Saturday–football extravaganza and tailgating galore, followed by dinner at Italian restaurant with friends for…you guessed it…Buff’s birthday.

Sunday–after-theatre dinner with friends. Did we mention it’s Buff’s birthday?

There are two issues here:  temptation to eat what she shouldn’t, and even if she doesn’t, the challenge of figuring out how many points are in meals that are cooked by selfish people who are not considerate enough to provide a Weight Watchers point count. (Well, it would help!)

This is a challenge Bunny is going to have to learn to face. This is part of life and struggling to lose weight.

Breathe, Bunny, Breathe.

Well, at least she doesn’t have to cook, right?


Monday-Wednesday–prepare for the ultimate assault:  The complete trashing of the kitchen, reorganization of the furniture and full-on attack on Bunny’s mind, soul, back, feet and spirit as she cooks Thanksgiving dinner for 28 people!!!



How on earth does our poor dear Bunny count her points in the midst of such an assault on her eating regime?

We will hold Bunny’s hand and try to help her navigate these treacherous waters.

By the way…it has been suggested that Buff doesn’t do all he can to support Bunny’s effort. We would like to state that Buff, whom we like very much, can’t really be blamed for having a birthday, nor for having friends and family who want to celebrate it with him. Yes, he’s responsible for putting cookies and chips and movie popcorn in Bunny’s immediate vicinity lately, but that’s because he’s struggling with his own weight-loss issues. He has simply found a way around it (the gym), while Bunny has not. Buff is a dear man who loves Bunny very much and has good intentions.

On the other hand, it’s completely his fault that Bunny has to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for his entire family. Bunny doesn’t mind because his family is very special and she loves them too.

Well, she kind of minds. She kind of resents having to do all that work while working full-time. She’s always completely exhausted, and dreads it for about 2 months ahead of time. Plus, she always burns herself at some point.



Let’s get him!!!