Bunny has had quite a stressful few days.

StressedFamily emergencies. Calls from crying relatives in the middle of the night.

Not conducive to sleep, to rational thinking, nor to healthy eating.

Also not conducive to attending a Weight Watchers meeting, so once again, we have no Project Sailaway weigh-in this week.

Things are better now, but let’s look at how Bunny (a documented emotional eater) handled this stressful situation in terms of food.

This family situation was brewing for a couple of days. The third day was hell, then the problem was resolved with a big bang that evening.

Bunny did OK the first two days. Let’s walk her through Hell Day.

She managed to have her favorite breakfast shake:

peanut butter
chocolate whey powder
Blue Diamond unsweetened chocolate almond milk

before receiving a panicky phone call, at which point she ran out of the house, leaving behind her Trusty Cooler, which she stocks daily with her arsenal against unhealthy snacking:

a Luna protein bar
a piece of fruit

When Bunny finally made it to work, it was approaching lunchtime, and she had a choice:

(a) Her regular HerbaLife protein shake made with soy milk, or
(a) Leftovers from a meeting.

Less-than-perfect choice #1–she went for the leftovers.

Even so, presented with a platter of turkey and corned beef sandwiches, she selected a turkey sandwich.

Moving down the buffet line, there was a platter of tomatoes, ranch dressing and mayonnaise. She took four tomato slices (Bunny just loves tomatoes) and a teensy dab of mayo. That’s probably what she would have done in any case.

At the end of the line, these were her options:

(a) a bowl of tired-looking fruit
(mostly melon and red grapes–not Bunny’s favorite)

(b) a bag of Lay’s potato chips.
The hard stuff. Trigger food alert!!!

(c) a bag of Baked Lay’s.

(d) a plate of rugala.
(You know, those little desserty pastry things with chocolate and nuts.)

ChipsThe correct choice would have been either (a) the tired fruit or (e) none of the above.

Less-than-perfect Choices #2 and #3: Bunny went for (b) and (d). The hard-core chips and the rugala.

Let’s be real here. On a day like this, and actually on most days, there was no way Bunny was going to walk past Lay’s potato chips. It would have been the same for crunchy Cheetos or Baskin Robbins Butter Pecan ice cream. These are classic Bunny trigger foods. It just wasn’t going to happen.

In fairness, she didn’t have a ton of either. Maybe a half-cup of chips and one little rugala.

Later that afternoon, Bunny locked eyes with a jar full of Hershey’s Kisses. Another trigger food, but this time she won the battle. She also declined politely when her boss offered her a piece of Godiva chocolate.

Great control under the circumstances. There’s hope for you yet, Bunny!!

Then, the family drama broke. Heaving a tremendous sigh of relief, Bunny and Buff toddled off to a baseball game they didn’t think they’d be able to attend until the happy news came through.

Normally, Bunny’s stadium food has been a protein bar and Diet Coke.

This time, since she was without her Trusty Cooler (yes, she could have run to the store and bought a protein bar, but she just didn’t feel like it after such a horrible day), she made less-than-perfect choices #4, #5 and #6: pepperoni pizza, white wine, and a handful or two of Buff’s popcorn.

She only ate two of the four pieces of pizza. Well, that’s something.

The next day, Bunny was back on track.

So, how do you think Bunny did?

She’s Baaaaaaaack…

December 28, 2009

Bunny didn’t go to her Weight Watchers meeting tonight.

She and Buff went away for the weekend and had gotten home late last night, so she was tired, she needed to shop for groceries, fix dinner, unpack and do a couple of loads of laundry.

She also needed to get gas when Buff called to tell her he was taking her car the next day. He would have a conniption fit if he found out she was driving on fumes.

He hates that.

No, she wasn’t up to the it’s-not-good-for-the-engine-to-drive-on-less-than-a-quarter-tank speech, and she wasn’t up for her Weight Watchers meeting either.

So, she dutifully went to the market.

That’s where it happened.

A bag of Crunchy Cheetos jumped into her cart!

And then into her paper-not-plastic bag.

And then into her car.

It was gone before she finished the five-minute drive home.

She’s baaaaacckkk….


Chasing after Bunny wielding one of her top-five trigger foods!

Why did she fall victim to this attack? Because she was tired? She wasn’t hungry. Would this have happened if she had gone to the meeting? What do you think?

These unexpected attacks are something Bunny has faced her entire life. There she is, happily in control of what she’s eating, and all of a sudden she turns a corner and BAM! She’s smacked in the face by a bag of Cheetos, a Butterfingers or a slice of chocolate cake.

We must move forward. Control must be re-established at once.

Pardon us while we go chase after Bunny with her Weight Watchers points calculator.

Wish us luck!

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

November 28, 2009

Bunny cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for 28 people. Brie and crackers. Veggies and spinach dip.  A turkey, a prime rib, side dishes galore. Cheesecake. A dear friend brought a homemade chocolate/lemon cake, his first (extremely successful) attempt at fondant. Had to try that. Apple pie. Ice cream. Cookies for the kids. Three people walked in offering wine. 

Bunny was flat-on-her-back exhausted from this event. Bunny and Buff’s house has tile floors, and her feet and back hurt. She has one oven, and it’s an organizational nightmare getting everything hot at once, especially with arriving guests parading into the kitchen for hugs and kisses and Happy Thanksgivings and you’ll never guess what little Susie said today.

I love you all, I’m so glad you’re here, and I want to hear every little detail of your always fascinating lives, but right now, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY KITCHEN and let me serve this #&%)@*$ dinner!!!

She had to take a break in the preparations Thursday morning to drive 40 miles to fetch Mom and Dad, then drive them back on Friday. Dad was cranky. Mom was mad at Dad for being cranky. Buff was mad at Bunny because Mom and Dad were cranky.

Bunny just wanted the whole thing over.

These are not optimal conditions for watching what she eats. And she didn’t.

The next day, leftovers. Ooo, there’s half a piece of cheesecake left. And some dip. Love those trigger foods. Oh well…

Saturday, a big football game. Bunny is in charge of making brownies. Buff loads up on chips. Someone will bring wine.

Bunny is beaten up and her defenses are down, but she hasn’t lost her way. She’s anxiously looking forward to a return to normalcy. Sunday. Weight Watchers points. Control. She’s really looking forward to it. She knows she will feel better.

Let’s all raise a 3-Weight Watchers-point glass of wine to Bunny and to all the other bunnys throughout the country who cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for their families. It’s really a lot of hard work. And it’s really hard on the nerves, not to mention the back and the feet. And for people like Bunny who have a real problem with food, it can be damned near impossible.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bunny!

And to you, too.

Since Buff has had the flu, there are Saltines in the house.

When there are no Saltines in the house (which is most of the time since Buff has been low-carb for some time), Bunny doesn’t even think about them.

But as soon as the Saltines cross the threshold, an alarm goes off in her head. She quickly finds an excuse to accidentally make sure there’s some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in the house, and the next thing you know, Bunny is munching on a stack of Saltine and pseudo-butter sandwiches. And then another stack. And another.

At least she’s using pseudo-butter, right? We’ll get into that argument about butter, margarine, and all the pseudos in a future post. Personally, we have a feeling butter-butter is better. But not a whole vat.

Or what about Hebrew National salami? That’s a great alternative! 43 Saltine and salami sandwichettes is a fantastic dinner!

This is a strange and powerful phenomenon that Bunny truly seems to be unable to control. Moderation doesn’t have a chance here.

Why is that?

If there’s ice Cravingcream in the house, she’ll eat it. Period.

She loves loves loves vanilla ice cream and fresh peaches! And she buys low-carb ice cream. Healthy, right? Again, we’ll “weigh” the benefits and evils of low-carb or sugar or fat ice cream versus the real thing in another post. In any case, a half-gallon of any of them every three days doesn’t qualify as healthy.

Cookies aren’t safe in her house, either. (Except Fig Nasties. They’re as safe as a baby in its mother’s arms. They could sit there until they ferment, spontaneously combust, or disintegrate into nasty fig preserves and she’d never go near them. She’s not without standards.)

We can’t figure out why these particular foods have this evil power over Bunny. It’s not because they’re salty; she can pass on popcorn (sometimes) and pretzels (usually), no problem. It’s not the sugar, because a pie or a box of candy can sit in the kitchen until it rots (unless it’s an apple pie or involves chocolate), and she won’t give it a second look. (Except fudge. Oh, boy. Fudge is at the TOP of the must-eat list.)

If these trigger foods or whatever you want to call them aren’t in the house, she doesn’t miss them a bit.  If they’re there, they sit in the kitchen and call to her.

Bunny…oh, Bunny… come here…you know you want it…

And there she goes.

Every time.

Without fail.

And certainly without control.

Why is that???